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Myers Education Press is a new academic press specializing in books, e-books and digital content in the field of education. Working with many of the top names in the field, we present superb research that advances the discipline at a time when it is under attack on many fronts. Most importantly, we are an author-based press, offering you a refreshing, professional experience, whether you’re an author looking to publish a book or a professor looking for a great textbook for your classroom.

Featured Reviews

Silencing Ivan Illich Revisited

A Foucauldian Analysis of Intellectual Exclusion

"David Gabbard’s lesson in this timeless book on Ivan Illich is that any conversation about schooling and society, especially now in our era of 'post-truth,' is both an examination of the idea of schooling itself, and, perhaps more importantly, a look into how ideas themselves circulate through systems of power."

Kristopher Holland, University of Cincinnati

Black Immigrants in North America

Essays on Race, Immigration, Identity, Language, Hip-Hop, Pedagogy, and the Politics of Becoming Black

"Black Immigrants in North America is a rarity in researching and theorizing the unique lived experience of Black immigrants–both continental and diasporic Africans. Black immigrants, argues Dr. Ibrahim, complicate the very category of Blackness: moving it from a colonial and uni-dimensional category to a complicated and rhizomatic category that is forever becoming. Urgently needed, Black Immigrants in North America is a must read for those who are interested in the Black body, Black immigration, Black youth, and Black pedagogy."

George J. Sefa Dei, OISE, The University of Toronto

California Foundations of Education

Educational Development within a Diverse Social History

“Jana Noel’s book explicates the forces that have shaped California’s educational system–and in turn California itself–in profound ways. She illustrates how the beliefs and actions of people and policymakers in communities and in the courts play out in materially important ways, from the earliest days of Statehood with its nascent public school system, to its 19th and 20th century struggles and strivings to expand educational opportunities to non-white children, right through the more recent days of A Nation at Risk, NCLB, the ESSA act, and including current issues related to school choice and privatization. The scope of the book is sweeping: she clarifies how policies arise and are shaped by subsequent legal decisions, tackling big-ticket issues such as how schools are funded, who controls budgets, who decides what gets taught (and what gets left out), what gets assessed, who gets certified to teach, and how all of these issues relate to equity and social justice in a state that has seen more change demographically, socially, and economically than any other state in the union. Any serious student of the history of education in California – and indeed the history of California more generally – will find this work illuminating.”

Grinell Smith, Ph.D., Professor, Connie L. Lurie College of Education, San José State University

Explorations in Qualitative InquirySeries

Exploring Data Production in Motion

Fluidity and Feminist Poststructuralism

"This is a gorgeous book. It is a pleasure to read—scholarly, accessible and beautifully written. Every neophyte researcher should read this book as well as every experienced qualitative researcher, for the clarity with which the multiple, intersecting and entangled concepts and practices that affect qualitative research today are laid out, and then put to work. This book takes research methods beyond prescriptive, pre-conceived ideas about how data should be collected and analysed, embracing method as open-ended experimentation. Data, concepts and method are fluid, and in motion, concepts and life coincide, and ethics is emergent in the relationality of the research encounters. Here, researcher and participants encounter each other, affecting each other and being affected, working together on the task of making sense of the machinic assemblages, and the complex and surprising lines of force, through which lives are generated."

Bronwyn Davies, Emeritus Professor, Western Sydney University, Australia

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