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Academy for Educational StudiesSeries

Making Sense of Race in Education

Practices for Change in Difficult Times

“Despite our nation’s rapidly changing demographics, the subjugation and marginalization of racial and ethnic communities continues. We can seek to address the ongoing barriers that are preventing ethnoracial harmony, or we can ignore the obvious—the visibility and prominence of race and ethnicity throughout our society and the world. It is essential that our nation’s educational institutions centrally value explicit and carefully crafted practices to foment classrooms that address diversity along many dimensions. While some progress clearly has been made since the overt and codified racism of times past, subtle forms of unconscious and implicit racism now hide in the public discourse. As a result, this book is important in the canon because the chapters are a clarion call for educators to stand firm on race and critique and address structural and institutional racism in its various forms. The contributions in this book overcome the theory and practice divide by specifying and advocating for pedagogy and practice that creates the space for all humans to be treated with dignity and provided educational opportunity.”

Julian Vasquez Heilig, Ph.D., Dean of the University of Kentucky College of Education

Academy for Educational StudiesSeries

A Case for Kindness

A New Look at the Teaching Ethic

The right book at the right time. Broidy offers readers a scholarly examination of kindness, both sociologically and educationally. In our current era of increasing tribalism and unkindness – exhibited daily on the evening news, Broidy offers a path forward toward more healthy classrooms and a more deliberative society by mapping a direct link between kindness, immediacy and democracy.

Phil Kelly, Ph.D., Professor Curriculum, Instruction, and Foundational Studies, Boise State University

Ethical Decision-Making

Cases in Organization and Leadership

Knowledgeably compiled and deftly edited, Ethical Decision-Making: Cases in Organization and Leadership provides a unique collection of case studies across a wide range of organizations (higher education, K-12 education, military, state and local government administration, non-profit institutions, and agency management, etc.). Collectively, these cases examine ethical decision-making and organizational and leadership behavioral concepts that are practiced in these organizations. The individual cases cover topics facing our workforce today and ask the reader to solve the dilemma. Through a discussion of these cases, students apply decision making and organizational and leadership strategies to analyze each case and therefore gain a better understanding of how to effectively lead and manage within their organizations. Students are encouraged to reflect on options a practitioner could use to solve the problem. All of the cases end with an open scenario and a set of questions, allowing students to offer a wide range of opinions and participate in reflective and robust discussions.

Julie Summers, MBR Bookwatch: September 2019

Culture and Society in Higher EducationSeries

Generally Speaking

The Impact of General Education on Student Learning in the 21st Century

"Generally Speaking: The Impact of General Education on Student Learning in the 21st Century, edited by Madeline J. Smith and Kristen L. Tarantino, is an excellent text that provides an overview of the changes in general education curricula during the 21st Century, and how those changes have positively affected student learning. As someone who spent the last half of her career working to make general education relevant and valuable to all students, I find this text to be an exceptional resource for faculty, administrators, and assessment professionals, as well as graduate students looking to become university professors."

Gail G. Evans, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Association of American Colleges and Universities; Retired Dean of Undergraduate Studies, San Francisco State University; Faculty Emerita, San José State University

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