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Myers Education Press is a new academic press specializing in books, e-books and digital content in the field of education. Working with many of the top names in the field, we present superb research that advances the discipline at a time when it is under attack on many fronts. Most importantly, we are an author-based press, offering you a refreshing, professional experience, whether you’re an author looking to publish a book or a professor looking for a great textbook for your classroom.

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“The global educational landscape is shifting dramatically, and teacher leadership has never been so critical, so essential, so important. In Stewardship as Teacher Leadership, Carrie Rogers makes a compelling, grounded and personal case for teacher agency and teacher leadership. This book breaks new ground—it is a must read for educators everywhere.”

Dr. Alma Harris, Swansea University School of Education

“The essays in this important volume reflect the rich and generative variousness of African-centered pedagogy. The diversity of methodologies and practices presented, while understandably not including all the variations in the corpus of Afrocentric educational initiatives, nevertheless delineate in useful and insightful ways some of its most essential contours and content. The authors’ varied modes of engagement and interpretations provide, not only ample ground for critical dialogue and debate about educational theory and practice from an African-centered vantage point, but also open and widen the way for further research in this vital area. These assets make African-Centered Education: Theory and Practice useful, not only as a reader, but also as a textbook for those seeking a critical and comprehensive treatment of the subject.”

Dr. Maulana Karenga, Professor and Chair, Department of Africana Studies, California State University, Long Beach Senior Fellow, Molefi Kete Asante Institute

Critical Race Issues in EducationSeries

African Americans in Higher Education

A Critical Study of Social and Philosophical Foundations of Africana Culture

“Too often, the study of the relationship between African Americans and educational institutions is one in which African Americans are acted upon, as opposed to active agents and innovators whose interventions in spaces of education have the potential to transform those spaces into engines of Africana innovation and upward mobility. This volume, African Americans in Higher Education: A Critical Study of Social and Philosophical Foundations of Africana Culture, in many ways takes the latter approach and interrogates the ways in which Africana culture, methods and pedagogy inform the experiences of African American students, teachers and education researchers. From Africana curriculum and pedagogy in predominantly white institutions and HBCUs to the varied experiences of African American men and women as teachers and graduate students, this book allows readers to place African Americans at the center of discussions of race, gender, identity and education policy. Readers will also appreciate the attention given to African American youth in primary and secondary education. African Americans in Higher Education is a much-needed addition to Africana and education studies.”

Marcia Walker-McWilliams, Ph.D., Executive Director - Black Metropolis Research Consortium, University of Chicago Library

"Deron Boyles is a wonderful writer and a powerful thinker. In this book, he brings together a lifetime of theory and practice in defense of public education. He addresses his undergraduate audience in a way that both challenges and instructs them--but, even more importantly, reassures them that they have the capacity to humanize schools through their intelligent action."

Kyle Greenwalt, Associate Professor, Department of Teacher Education, Michigan State University and President-Elect of the John Dewey Society

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