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Myers Education Press is a new academic press specializing in books, e-books and digital content in the field of education. Working with many of the top names in the field, we present superb research that advances the discipline at a time when it is under attack on many fronts. Most importantly, we are an author-based press, offering you a refreshing, professional experience, whether you’re an author looking to publish a book or a professor looking for a great textbook for your classroom.

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“In this contemporary era of racialized and political reckoning and welcomed civil disobedience globally, the editors and contributors of this book offer unique insights that inspire new and radical ways to engage in intra-public intellectualism. Through contemplative and decolonizing imaginaries, dialogues, and interludes, each chapter disrupts boundaries and expands possibilities for re-envisioning the role of academics and critical qualitative research in theorizing and transforming public social spheres. This edited book is a must read for those seeking a compelling and diverse compilation of perspectives on public intellectualism.”

Michelle Salazar Pérez, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, The University of Texas at Austin

Pedagogies of With-ness

Students, Teachers, Voice and Agency

“Brilliant stories of oppression, marginalization, and power. Stories of schooling, sometimes angry and pain-filled -- always honest and powerful. This collection brings us voices of passion, voices we have silenced and ignored at our own peril. We need the wisdom in this book, especially its powerful and empowering strategies for deep listening and collaboration. Impossible to read without gaining insight and compassion.”

Mara Sapon-Shevin, Professor of Education, Syracuse University

Navigating Media Literacy

A Pedagogical Tour of Disneyland

"Navigating Media Literacy is a work of refreshingly creative scholarship and a fascinating take on teaching and learning. Greenwood more than achieves her aim to provide “gateways into the pedagogical playground of media literacy education.” Teachers and professors will especially appreciate Greenwood’s keen observations of the nuanced ways that students navigate the multifaceted media icon that is Disney, including her willingness to share the things that tripped them up as well as the inquiry strategies that successfully guided students to gradually hone their own critical thinking and reflection skills. Greenwood eschews simple media critiques or defenses, advocating instead for an examination of the connections between students’ lived experiences, Disney’s hyper-constructed “ideal” worlds, and core components of American culture, politics, economics, and history. The result is a welcome and insightful contribution."

Dr. Faith Rogow, Media Literacy Education Maven at

“As I write this endorsement from my COVID-era back porch, I cannot imagine a more timely (and ultimately timeless) text than Conservative Philanthropies and Organizations Shaping U.S. Educational Policy and Practice. This text brings together pieces that are always thoughtful, often provocative, and invariably helpful to readers seeking to better understand the complicated web of influence that connects the 'good works' of ideologically conservative philanthrocapitalists and their ilk. deMarrais, Herron, and Copple do a terrific job of constructing a narrative arc out of the work of the fine scholars within, and themselves bring this text home with a beautiful, sobering, and fiery call to action for us all to remain informed, participate in dialogue, and work (and vote!) for the preservation of the public good. Bravo.”

Pamela J. Konkol, PhD, Director of Academic Research, Concordia University Chicago

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