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Myers Education Press is a new academic press specializing in books, e-books and digital content in the field of education. Working with many of the top names in the field, we present superb research that advances the discipline at a time when it is under attack on many fronts. Most importantly, we are an author-based press, offering you a refreshing, professional experience, whether you’re an author looking to publish a book or a professor looking for a great textbook for your classroom.

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Educational Psychology: Meaning Making for Teachers and LearnersSeries

Children and Trauma

Critical Perspectives for Meeting the Needs of Diverse Educational Communities

"Children And Trauma performs a major public service. The work of Kramer and McKenzie will help administrators, educators and most importantly children. As a clinician and educator, the need for trauma informed practices in our school systems has never been greater. This book provides hope for schools to integrate and meet the mental health needs of children in schools."

Dr. Brad Simpson, Director of Research and Development, Sunrise Residential Treatment Center and owner of 3rd Wave Counseling and Consulting

Transformative Autoethnography for Practitioners

Change Processes and Practices for Individuals and Groups

“What a remarkable and timely contribution to autoethnographic research! In this thoroughly researched book, the authors clear the path both theoretically and methodologically for their model of transformation as a meaningful and worthy goal of autoethnography for scholars and practitioners alike. They not only talk the talk; they walk the walk in explaining and demonstrating how transformation can be a vital part of the entire research process. This book itself is transformative in the way it lays out possibilities and processes for doing autoethnography as a change agent for ourselves as researchers, for engaging and improving the life of readers and participants in our studies, and for assisting organizations and communities to solve real-life problems. What a gift! Especially to practitioners, but also to all of us who value autoethnography for the good it can add to our world.”

Carolyn S. Ellis, PhD, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Communication and Sociology, University of South Florida, USA Recipient of Numerous Publication and Teaching Awards on Autoethnography


Kalamazoo College Uncovers Its Racial and Colonial Past

“Kalamazoo College has been a center of social justice teaching and leadership training for decades. Anne Dueweke’s excellent new book reminds us of that practice, but she also reveals that few long-standing institutions, including K College, are untouched by the legacies of racism and colonialism. An important case study of the political and ethical issues facing college campuses in the 21st century.”

Barbara Ransby, John D. MacArthur Chair and Professor at University of Illinois at Chicago, and author of the award-winning biography, "Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement"

Transformative Critical Service-Learning

Theory and Practice for Engaging Community College and University Learners in Building an Activist Mindset

Transformative Critical Service-Learning, by Dr. Heather Coffey and Dr. Lucy Arnold, delivers a theoretical framework and practical strategies for designing, implementing, assessing, and reflecting on critical service-learning experiences. This work is grounded in the theoretical constructs of critical service-learning and incorporates Nicole Mirra’s work on critical civic empathy as an impetus for reflection and self-awareness. The authors introduce the Critical Service-Learning Implementation Model (CSLIM) as a tool for critical service-learning design and provide examples of this work to better understand the pragmatics and affordances of implementation. This book is a superb resource for faculty implementing or teaching about critical service-learning.”

Barri Tinkler, Ph.D., Interim Dean and Professor, Missouri State University

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