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CSIRO Publishing operates as an independent science and technology publisher with a global reputation for quality products and services. This internationally recognized publishing program covers a wide range of scientific disciplines, including agriculture, the plant and animal sciences, and environmental management.

CSIRO PUBLISHING is a business unit within Australia´s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

Featured Reviews

Sustaining Global Food Security

The Nexus of Science and Policy

"Providing a safe, nutritious, affordable diet for an increasingly urbanized world of 10 billion people – under a changing climate and with fewer natural resources – is a task of mammoth proportions. Ending hunger can only be achieved through a determined and sustained commitment to smallholder agriculture, underpinned by appropriate technologies and policies. This fascinating book sets out to tackle these subjects and their interdependency, in a comprehensive and thought-provoking way. Through a crop lens, and with contributions from academia, industry and government, the authors have done a masterful job of combining exciting new science with real world policy pragmatism. Drawing from history, the book explores the intricate interplay between technological and policy innovation, and the way in which the upsides of technological breakthroughs can be balanced against the inevitable downside risks, while maintaining the pace or scale of adoption needed to achieve and maintain global food security."

Nick Austin, Director, Agricultural Development, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

"In his guide to communicating science, Craig Cormick practices what he preaches: data instead of intuition, humour as a tool, stories as the medium. He illustrates how to communicate science in a way that generates lasting interest, rather than hype that inevitably disappoints or pomposity that keeps curiosity at bay."

Dr Alan Finkel, Chief Scientist of Australia

Small Friends BooksSeries

Nema and the Xenos

A Story of Soil Cycles

"A beautifully illustrated, exciting and engaging story that is sure to inspire a child’s imagination; while providing a scientifically accurate glimpse into the complex structure and living networks within soil." 

Dr. Eva Schneider and Dr. Elaine Ingham, Soil Foodweb

Flora of the Hunter Region

Endemic Trees and Larger Shrubs

"A valuable resource for those interested in the plants of the region, including researchers, environmental consultants, horticulturalists and gardeners, bush walkers, herbaria, and others involved in land management, Flora of the Hunter Region: Endemic Trees and Larger Shrubs combines fine art quality illustrations with an impressively informative and descriptive commentary."

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