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CSIRO Publishing operates as an independent science and technology publisher with a global reputation for quality products and services. This internationally recognized publishing program covers a wide range of scientific disciplines, including agriculture, the plant and animal sciences, and environmental management.

CSIRO PUBLISHING is a business unit within Australia´s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

Featured Reviews

"In Australia almost 350 species of animal need a tree hollow for resting, nesting or hiding. This book is sure to pique curiosity, stimulate imagination, spark conversation and foster conservation, by illuminating the parade of diverse animals homed over the evolution of a single tree hollow. With dreamy illustrations and lyrical prose Life in a Hollow is sure to become a treasured go-to."

Abbie Mitchell, author of A Hollow Is a Home (CSIRO Publishing, 2019), 30 September 2022

Aboriginal Peoples and Birds in Australia

Historical and Cultural Relationships

"This book is a mist have for anyone with an interest in ethno-ornithology!"

The BirdBooker Report

The Forgotten Song

Saving the Regent Honeyeater

"The Regent Honeyeater, a stunning bird of Australia's woodlands, is in real trouble. A large recovery effort is underway to save the species, with a suite of recovery actions being implemented across their range. This book beautifully captures the essence of the bird and its environment, the current situation it finds itself in, and the work of the amazing team working to save them from extinction."

Dean Ingwersen, Woodland Bird Program Leader and Regent Honeyeater recovery coordinator, BirdLife Australia

Feather and Brush Edition 2

A History of Australian Bird Art

" A MUST have for anyone with an interest in bird art!"

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20th October 2020 News

Meet Rachel Tribout, the talented illustrator of CSIRO's children's picture book Hold On! Saving the Spotted Handfish. Discover how she approaches science illustration and her best tips for aspiring illustrators.

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