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CSIRO Publishing operates as an independent science and technology publisher with a global reputation for quality products and services. This internationally recognized publishing program covers a wide range of scientific disciplines, including agriculture, the plant and animal sciences, and environmental management.

CSIRO PUBLISHING is a business unit within Australia´s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

Featured Reviews

Feather and Brush Edition 2

A History of Australian Bird Art

" A MUST have for anyone with an interest in bird art!"


Artistic Impressions of Our Lost Wildlife

"I am devastated that I will never see a Gastric Brooding Frog give birth through her mouth or a Big Eared Hopping Mouse disappear into the distance. I will never hear the call of a Christmas Island Pipistrelle pierce the night or the roar of a Thylacinus. With whimsical portraits and sober words, Dr. Benjamin Gray reminds us of what we have already lost and implores us to keep fighting for all our unique creatures – be they small, brown or hopping."

Dr. Jenny Gray

Hold On!

Saving the Spotted Handfish

"Hold On!: Saving the Spotted Handfish is a Marine environment story, narrated by a handfish, and showcasing handfish biology and ecology, including to environmental threats and their conservation plight, as well as how science is stepping in to save the day. Of special note is the inclusion of a Fact File section and a Glossary, making Hold On!: Saving the Spotted Handfish especially recommended for elementary school and community library collections for children ages 8-12."


"It is essential reading for someone with beef cattle or those interested in starting a beef enterprise."

Grass Roots, June/July 2014

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20th October 2020 News

Meet Rachel Tribout, the talented illustrator of CSIRO's children's picture book Hold On! Saving the Spotted Handfish. Discover how she approaches science illustration and her best tips for aspiring illustrators.

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