Accessing E-Books

Which titles will have e-editions?

All Stylus titles that were published starting in 2010 are accessible in electronic form. Selected older titles will be made available as e-books if sufficient demand arises.

How do I buy e-books?

You can buy e-books direct from the Stylus website, or buy them from the resellers with whom we have arrangements to resell our e-books. The resellers with whom we currently have agreements are Apple, Barnes & Noble (Nook), Blio, Google Books, Kobo and Amazon.

When buying direct from Stylus through our shopping cart, you will receive one email from Amazon Pay (who simply process the credit card) acknowledging that your order has been received, and one from Stylus Publishing giving you the link to a page from which you can download your books.

On what devices can I read these files?

The EPUB file can be loaded to your Android tablet (e.g., Samsung Galaxy), iPad, Nook, or Sony Reader through your PC or Mac.

Click here for instructions on how to load your file to a wide range of devices.

If you buy from third reseller partner, you will be able to read your e-books on all devices for which the reseller has an app.

On how many devices may I store a file I buy direct from Stylus?

You may read the e-books you buy from Stylus on up to six unique devices that share the same Adobe user ID.

What can I do with my e-book?

If you buy direct from Stylus, you can search and annotate your e-book and may copy-and-paste and print up to 50 pages of each title.

Do Stylus e-books offer any special features?

Certain titles will include audio or video files, links to websites, or additional textual material not included in the print edition. Not all reader devices support these enhancements. All enhancements are also made available free of charge on the Stylus website so as not to disadvantage print edition buyers.

What if a book is enhanced after I buy it?

You will be notified if we enhance a title after you buy it, and will be given a link from which you can replace the original file without charge. This does not apply to new editions, which count as new titles.

The advantages of buying direct:

The advantages for buying direct are:

  • Portability: You can load our e-books on up to six devices (and not be tied to a proprietary device)and access them from the Cloud
  • Print and cut-and-paste a portion of each book (up to 50 pages). As a scholar, you will appreciate the convenience of cutting and pasting references and passages into manuscripts on your computer.
  • Building a relationship: receive advance notice of new books, and previews of sample chapters.
  • Compatibility with Android, Apple, Kindle, and Nook devices, as well as PCs and Macs.

What's more, by buying direct, you'll be supporting independent publishing in a world increasingly dominated by mega corporations.

How long do I own my e-book?

Your purchase, whether from Stylus or a third-party partner, gives you a perpetual personal license to each title you buy. Exceptions are e-book files provided free on an examination copy or review basis, in which case your access will be limited to 90 days. We also plan in due course to make textbooks available to students on a per-semester basis at a reduced price.

Can I retrieve my e-book file if my computer crashes or if I add a new device?

Stylus maintains a permanent record of your e-book purchases. E-mail us at to restore access in the event of a computer crash or your purchase of a replacement computer.

There are four simple steps to retrieve your E-Book:

  • Get Adobe ID here
  • Download Adobe Digital Editions
  • Initialize Adobe Digital Editions with Adobe ID
  • Login to the Stylus site. Go to My Orders, select order, click on the "Download" link. File will be opened with Adobe Digital Editions.

For more detailed, step-by-step instructions with screen shots, please download this document.