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Software Quality Assurance

A Self-Teaching Introduction

"Software Quality Assurance: A Self-Teaching Introduction" reviews software quality assurance testing best practices in a manner that lends especially well to self-study, a refresher course, or supplemental textbook reading for a college-level IT course. It reviews all kinds of testing and test management, from automation processes to video games and lab experiments, complimenting theory with real-world applications and exercises for self-testing; but perhaps its greatest strength lies in its ability to pair the fundamentals of the latest computer science findings with an introduction designed to pair case studies of different systems with the fundamental concepts of general quality assurance practices.

Network Security and Cryptography covers the basic concepts of computer networks as they relate to cryptography and network security, and is recommended both for computer and network engineers and those who would survey the latest material relating to soft grids, big data analytics, blockchain, and computer network ciphers. Chapters include mathematical equations and support for this overview of cryptography and its applications in real-world network security scenarios, examining data confidentiality and internet security services alike. The result is strong in mathematical examples, reinforcement, and charts and graphs and provides professionals with a solid foundation of knowledge.

Midwest Book Review

Hazardous Waste Management Edition 2

An Introduction

"Hazardous Waste Management: An Introduction presumes no prior knowledge as it provides an in-depth textbook recommended for a first course in hazardous waste management for civil and environmental engineers and those managing companies in waste management. This latest edition includes all the latest regulations, recovery tools, protocols for compliance, and case studies from the field supporting each of these areas. Everything from basic recordkeeping to manifests and reports are surveyed in a top recommendation that should be basic to any introduction to the topic."

Midwest Book Review

3D Character Development Workshop

Rigging Fundamentals for Artists and Animators

"3D Character Development Workshop: Rigging Fundamentals for Artists and Animators covers the basics of the tools, methods and ideas of character rigging and provides animators with an in-depth survey of best practices to help speed up the process of creating characters. The book includes a Maya file disc of movies and sources of images from the book, while the book packs in color images, screenshots, downloadable examples, and color images supporting concepts of setups, texturing, and different rigging processes. No animation collection should be without this clear survey of the process, which offers a workbook perfect for classroom study or self-instruction alike."

Midwest Book Review

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