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"Enhanced with the inclusion of a disc featuring all the 'hands-on' project files and images from the texts (including 4-color images), Microsoft Excel 2019 Programming Pocket Primer is unreservedly recommended for personal, professional, community, and academic library Computer Software instructional reference collections in general, and Microsoft Excel 2019 supplemental studies lists in particular."

Classic Game Design Edition 2

From Pong to Pac-Man with Unity

"Collision detection, extra lives, power ups, and countless other essential design elements were invented by the mostly anonymous designers at the early pioneering companies that produced these great games. Classic Game Design takes the reader step by step (using modern, free software tools such as Unity) through the creation of five games in the classic style, inspired by retro favorites like: Pong, Breakout, Space Invaders, Scramble, and Pac-Man. All the source code, art, and sound sources for the projects are available on the companion files of the accompanying CD.

Thoroughly 'user friendly' in organization and presentation, Classic Game Design is a complete and comprehensive do-it-yourself instructional guide and manual for either personal study or as an introduction to computer game design curriculum textbook. While very highly recommended for personal, professional, community, and academic library Computer Technology & Game Design collections."

"TensorFlow Pocket Primer introduces readers to TensorFlow 1x basics for machine learning algorithms, and is designed to be an introduction used either to supplement a course or for self-learning. It uses Python to cover code examples, assumes limited experience and background in the subject, and comes with supporting reference files containing all source code examples as a download from the publisher. From Cloud-based platforms to useful components of TensorFlow and their real-world applications, this primer will get anyone up and running in the shortest amount of time possible."

This is an easy introduction to OpenGL, well about as easy as a complex topic can get. The ideas are introduced in plain language and there are diagrams to help. The programs also help make the point of what exactly is being proposed - be prepared to read them in detail and you'll also find the code on the CD along with object models, figures and more.

You had better be fairly proficient in Java as you don't get any help in this area - and this is reasonable. If you know Java however this is a very good introduction to OpenGL and pipeline based graphics in general.

Highly recommended.

Mike Jones

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8th February 2016 News
Dr. Mehrzad Tabatabaian blogs at and discusses the concepts in his latest book COMSOL 5 for Engineers...