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"Observe, test, learn, adapt: a culture of empiricism may be what we most need to grow in our gardens and food systems--the front lines of humanity's survival in a changing climate. This book is a resource for communities to take charge of their gardening through experimentation, and for scientists to adjust their practices towards transparency and mutual respect. The readable concepts and examples provided show how to equitably partner across formal science and informal garden institutions, and collaborate to produce and use diverse knowledge--essential for improving our individual and collective capacity to change."

Liz Barry, Director of Community Development

Farm Animal Behaviour Edition 2

Characteristics for Assessment of Health and Welfare

“[This edition] provides a comprehensive collection of useful information on normal as well as stereotypical behavior in most domesticated mammals…and birds…and nondomesticated farm animals…. The authors do an outstanding job of organizing a broad topic. Each chapter covers 1 species, and information regarding the behavioral characteristics of each species is presented in a consistent manner. Sensory, social, and innate and learned behaviors as well as behaviors associated with perceived danger or peril, active and resting states, mating and parturition, domestication, health, and welfare are discussed for each species. This allows readers to compare behaviors across species or to access specific information with ease….This book will be beneficial as a textbook in farm animal behavior courses for veterinary or animal science students. This book will also be a valuable resource for veterinarians and animal scientists currently working with farm animals who wish to update their knowledge in this area as well as laypeople who are interested in the welfare of animals but have not received any formal animal behavior training.”

"Now in a new and updated edition second edition, Blueberries covers major topics of interest to blueberry breeders and researchers: botany, physiology, nutrition, growth regulation, photosynthesis, environment, weeds, pests, diseases and postharvest management. The focus is on the highbush blueberry, though information on other blueberries and related species is also provided. Blueberries are cultivated worldwide and Blueberries by the team of Jorge B. Retamales and James F. Hancock explores plantings in a great diversity of environments, reflecting on the development of innovative cultural practices and conditions. It examines the increased scope and depth of research activities related to this crop and brings together the current status of knowledge on blueberry science and management. Explaining in an understandable manner the basic science behind the growth and development of blueberries, their botanical characteristics, as well as the implications and effects of various management practices and environmental conditions, Blueberries also: Highlights emerging genetic information on the blueberry; Includes new information on pruning, grafting and irrigation; Covers current and potential uses of plant growth regulators; Gathers new information on fruit quality and consumer acceptance. Blueberries is the definitive guide to blueberry cultivation for researchers, growers and breeders, updated to reflect the latest developments in the industry, provides comprehensive coverage of botanical, physiological and management of cultivated blueberries, making it an indispensable and unreservedly recommended addition to professional, community, corporate, and academic library Horticulture collections in general, and Blueberry agricultural supplemental studies reading lists in particular."

Library Bookwatch (December 2018)

"Creasy and Creasy is the 'go to' reference on my bookshelf when I am searching for thoughts on current production systems. I trust readers will find as much benefit and enjoyment with the updated volume as I found with the first."

Dr Richard Smart, "the flying vine doctor", Cornwall

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