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"Profusely illustrated and offering a listing of all the contributors and their credentials, Feline Reproduction is comprise of twenty-eight erudite, expert and informative articles that collectively cover all aspects of the subject.... unreservedly recommended for veterinary clinic, college and university library Feline Studies collections and supplemental curriculum studies lists."

Library Bookwatch

"It gives a good starting point for brainstorming new systems for a given region that can draw explicitly on the lessons learned in other temperate regions. In many chapters, the discussions of systems are complex and thorough (e.g. UK, Europe and Indian Himalayan Region). In others, they describe previously unsuggested, novel systems (e.g. Chile) that are just now being developed."

Kyle Rose, PhD., New Mexico Highlands University

"This book gives readers an overview of experience value creation in tourism. It is a useful reference in studies of the tourist experience and there are many useful perspectives. Lastly, as it is a quickly evolving research field, it is good to have a book that sums up the understandings that currently circulate around the topic."

Andreas Skriver Hansen

"A good botanical glossary - and by good, I mean one that is both useful and used often - is a potent mix of art and science. In this case, the art is both literal, through Enid Mayfield's beautifully soft and precise watercolours, and in the exquisite way the definitions are crafted and presented. The science of course is in the detail, and this is exceptional. The result is more than a charming addition to my bookshelf. It will now unseat my previous glossary of choice (from Kew Gardens no less) and sit proudly beside Benjamin Daydon Jackson's Glossary of Botanical Terms, a masterwork of science but not of art."

Professor Tim Entwisle, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Australia

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