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Tourism Enterprise

Developments, Management and Sustainability

"...impressively informed and informative. Very highly recommended as an essential addition to professional and academic library Tourism Development reference collections and supplemental studies."

Jack Mason

"Featuring twenty-five articles organized into five major sections, Mental Health and Well-Being in Animals collectively covers basic principles regarding the mental wellness, emotional distress, suffering and mental illness of animals, including both measurement and treatment. With even more practical information and clinical pearls, this new edition of Mental Health and Well-Being in Animals remains invaluable to veterinary professionals, animal welfare researchers and advocates, and other animal caregivers....Exceptionally well organized, ideal as a veterinary curriculum textbook and is unreservedly recommended for college and university library Veterinary Medicine collections and supplemental studies reading lists."

Urban Insect Pests

Sustainable Management Strategies

"Insects and related arthropods have made extensive use of Earth's natural resources for millions of years. The advent of agriculture some 10,000 years ago, followed by the increase in human densities and growth of urban environs, created a new and dynamic natural resource for their adaptations. Bed bugs, termites, ants, flies, mosquitoes, fleas, lice, and many others have suddenly found humans and the spaces they construct available for their adaptation and use. Here, insect science experts contribute 15 chapters grouped by pest type of technological approach to address problem identification and provide management strategies. Bed bugs, termites, and mosquitoes, for example, have been studied extensively, and there are specific protocols that will likely succeed. Less is known about timber pest beetles, which often leaves their managements to a trial-and-error approach. Recent work in molecular science and in renewed studies of plants with pest control properties provides a wealth of new information that should translate into better ways to solve urban insect problems. The book also makes a convincing case for the need to devise expert networks to diagnose and deliver holistic management strategies resulting in sustainability solutions for urban insect problems. Prophylactic control with pesticides is unsustainable, and this volume provides new and better directions for future management. Summing Up: Recommended"

"The changing climate of the globe has significant implications for the ecology of organisms that inhabit Earth's biomes. One pressing question is how nonnative and invasive species will respond to these changes. If invasive organisms are generally going to be favored in new climates and environmental conditions, then governments and land managers in many areas will need to develop management plans to avoid the worst of the impacts. In this new book, editors Ziska (USDA) and Dukes (Purdue Univ.) have assembled an international group of experts to analyze the topic from different angles. The 20 chapters are divided into four sections that review the problem, present case studies to highlight key topics, discuss detection and prevention approaches for managers, and present control and adaptation strategies for managers. The wide range of organisms and topics covered is appropriate for this important and complex issue. The book will be a valuable resource for students, faculty, land managers, and policy makers."

R. B. Pratt, California State University--Bakersfield

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24th June 2019 Events

Come see our new books at booth 508. Featuring: Food Gardens for a Changing World , the second edition of Citrus and much more. 

24th June 2019 Events

We will be on hand displaying our new titles, among them: Practical Feline Behaviour; Animal Welfare in a Changing World; and Farm Animal Behaviour, second edition. 


24th June 2019 News
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24th June 2019 Events
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23rd June 2019 News

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