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Teaching in Effective Primary Schools

Research into Pedagogy and Children's Learning

"The history of education is littered with ideology, headline-grabbing here today, gone tomorrow policies and the hyped ideas of education gurus. Cutting through the fads and fashions, this book, by some of the UK’s most eminent education academics, gives us firm foundations for effective primary education."

From the foreword by Sir Kevan Collins, Chief Executive, Education Endowment Foundation

Reframing Space for Learning

Excellence and innovation in university teaching

"This exciting collection offers an innovative and creative perspective on teaching and learning in higher education. All those who teach in universities - and their students - will benefit significantly from the many new insights it provides."

Chris James, Professor of Educational Leadership and Management, University of Bath

Diversity in Teacher Education

Perspectives on a School-led System

“The topography so painstakingly developed by the Diversity in Teacher Education project is an invaluable guide to the ‘system of small systems’ that now characterizes the landscape of initial teacher training in England."

Katharine Burn, Associate Professor of Education, University of Oxford

Science for All

The struggle to establish school science in England

"A superb, informative and rigorous book on the history of the science curriculum in England by an outstanding scholar. Professor Edgar Jenkins has produced an enormously helpful companion for anyone who wants to understand the dynamics of curriculum reform, including policymakers, curriculum developers, teacher educators, and educational researchers as well as teachers."

Professor Sibel Erduran, University of Oxford

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