The Excellent Teacher Series
Series Editor: Todd Zakrajsek

This series offers fresh approaches to teaching and learning by reviewing traditional methods in light of evidence-based strategies to promote practices that best facilitate student learning. Each volume of the series is written to provide early career faculty with specific strategies that can be quickly implemented, mid-career faculty with the opportunity to adapt and expand on what is currently used, and experienced faculty with new perspectives to augment thinking on foundational aspects of teaching and student learning. These succinct and practical books, by authors with extensive experience, are designed to address ubiquitous classroom challenges faced by faculty throughout higher education, whether contract or tenured, or teaching at two-year or research-one institutions.

  Designing a Motivational Syllabus
Creating a Learning Path for Student Engagement

  Dynamic Lecturing
Research-Based Strategies to Enhance Lecture Effectiveness

  Understanding How We Learn
Applying Key Educational Psychology Concepts in the Classroom