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ATTENTION ONCOLOGISTS: Last Chance For Our Introductory Offer
The WHO Classification of Tumours of the Urinary System and Male Genital Organs is now in its fourth edition. Order today and receive 15% off at checkout with discount code: PREUS4. Offer expires on February 15, 2016.

Save and Grow and the Sustainable Development Goals
FAO's new book, Save and Grow in practice: Maize, Rice, Wheat: A guide to sustainable cereal production, describes a sustainable, ecosystem approach to cereal production. This week, there was an FAO Roundtable on the Save and Grow model in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Here
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Patricia Cranton receives the Order of Canada in 2016
Congratulations to Patricia Cranton who has been awarded the Order of Canada in 2016 For her contributions to the field of adult education, as an authority on transformative learning who encourages critical and autonomous thinking.

Disrupting the Culture of Silence named CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title
Congratulations to the editors and contributors of Disrupting the Culture of Silence. The book was named a 2015 Outstanding Academic Title by CHOICE Reviews.

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Pigeons and Doves of Australia named Best Bird Book of 2015
Pigeons and Doves of Australia was named Best Bird Book of 2015 by The Birdbooker Report. Click here to read the announcement blog post.

Positive Finance Herve Guez, Philippe Zaouati
"Guez and Zaouati capture one of the truly critical agendas in sustainable development: how to make capital work in the best interests of society. Read this book and be inspired."
Can the World be Wrong? Doug Miller
"In Can the World Be Wrong?, author Doug Miller, documents his company's polling results over decades in many countries. GlobeScan's polls ask questions beyond the myopic "horse race" political polls that clutter our media. Miller lays out GlobeScan's polls on the key global issues of our time
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