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Join IET and SciTech Publishing Next Week at IEEE"s Radar Conference
Join us at booth numbers 102 and 103 on May 11-14 as we showcase The IET and SciTech Publishing's full collection of radar publications all at an on-site discounted
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Sustainable Economy Author Writes in The Huff Post
Michael Townsend of Greenleaf Publishing's Reframing the Game: The Transition to a New Sustainable Economy, wrote an article in the Huffington Post. Read the article now.

Join Greenleaf Author at These Free DC and NY Events
Co-author, Eddie Rich of Beyond Governments: Making Collective Government Work - Lessons from the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, will be in Washington, DC from June 1-3 and New York City from June 4-5. Click
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Greenleaf Author Writes for Sustainable Business Magazine
Co-author Keith Skene, of Sustainable Economics, contributed to the April Issue of Sustainable Business Magazine. Read his article now.

Basic Electronics reviewed at Power
MLI's recently published Basic Electronics: Theory and Practice was reviewed in the Power Plant newsletter and featured at Power

A New Psychology for Sustainability Leadership Steve Schein
“Thought-provoking and insightful, A New Psychology for Sustainability Leadership is of vital importance to the New Nature Movement.”
Thinking the Twenty-First Century Malcolm McIntosh
"This book should be read by those who see the challenges of caring for our planet as more than addressing climate change, see the failings of our current political economic systems as more than the outcomes of so-called neo-liberalism, and see the need for not just “quiet leadership” but strong leadership
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