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Meet Green Business Author At This Event - Directly Following AoM
Not ready to say goodbye once The Academy of Management Meeting concludes? Then, join Steve Schein at the Ignite Leadership book event on August 10th to hear about A
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Greenleaf Books to Appear at Upcoming ABSC Summit
The American Sustainable Business Council's Annual Summit will take place from September 29 - October 1, 2015 in Washington, DC. Greenleaf Publishing will offer a discounted rate off all sustainable
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Attention SIPDA Attendees: Enter to Win Free Copies of The IET's Books
The International Symposium on Lightning Protection (SIPDA) is a scientific event organized every two years that has main goals to contribute to the discussion and dissemination of innovations in lightning technology. Register
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Academy of Management is Around the Corner!
Click the link to view the catalog, available exclusively at next week's Academy of Management Meeting. Find the Greenleaf Publishing booth (413) to obtain
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Basic Electronics reviewed at Power
MLI's recently published Basic Electronics: Theory and Practice was reviewed in the Power Plant newsletter and featured at Power

James Barry’s Murals at the Royal Society of Arts William L. Pressly
"Pressly’s beautifully designed and illustrated monograph is an important book for a specialized audience. Pressly (Univ. of Maryland) is the foremost authority on this late-18th-century British history painter, and Barry’s mural “A Series of Pictures on Human Culture” is the artist’s most significant
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Thinking the Twenty-First Century Malcolm McIntosh
"Thinking the Twenty-First Century: Ideas for the New Political Economy is a recommendation for college-level political science students and readers who receive a set of insights of five changes happening on a global scale which hold important implications for a new political economic structure. It blends
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