Kate Wilkinson
Kate Wilkinson had fifteen years experience as a psychiatric nurse in the National Health Service Prior to coming into the psychotherapy profession. This was primarily in acute settings which housed‘seclusion’ rooms for potentially aggressive patients. Kate’s interestin human aggression led her to work in forensic psychiatry, with people who had offended against society to the extreme of arson, rape, manslaughter and murder. The appalling learning which impacted Kate was that the most significant difference between patients and staff was the degree to which feelings and thoughts were acted out behaviourally. The potential to destroy is inherent in being human and as such is in each one of us. This experience enhanced Kate’s sensitivity to human aggression, not least, as it showed itself in the five counselling and psychotherapy trainings which she undertook, prior to co-founding a training institute herself. Kate has challenged her colleague trainers and institute leaders to explore the place of human aggression in the caring profession of psychotherapy.
Books by Kate Wilkinson :
A Journey in the Shadow Side
200 pages, 5 3/4" x 9",
Paper: 978 1 85575 524 6
Price: $47.95
Published: December 2008