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Founded in 1996, Stylus’ publishing focuses on higher education, covering such areas as teaching and learning, student affairs, professional development, service learning and community engagement, study abroad, assessment, online learning, racial diversity on campus, women’s issues, doctoral education, and leadership and administration. Stylus is the official distributor of the book programs of ACPA, Campus Compact, and the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition.

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22nd July 2018 Events
Save the Date!

The lead editors and contributors of Difficult Subjects will be holding a Twitter Town Hall event next Wednesday, August 1st, at 2pm ET/11am PT.

Participating authors are:
Badia Ahad-Legard...
14th June 2018 News
From University Business Magazine, how one institution made the shift to helping underserved students reach their academic goals, featuring Governors State University President and author of ...
10th April 2018 News
Ruben was recently named Inaugural Winner of Baldrige Foundation Award for Leadership Excellence, for his development of the Excellence in Higher Education assessment and planning framework. Named after U.S. secretary of commerce Malcolm Baldrige, the ...
7th January 2018 News
Stylus author Dr. Elaine Maimon was published in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Her article, A Checklist for Transformative Leaders...
26th November 2017 News
22nd February 2017 News
The Chronicle of Education's Lee Gardner interviews Z Nicolazzo...
7th February 2017 News
Stylus is proud to be the new book distributor for The National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition.

The National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition at the Univers...

Featured Reviews

“I am a believer that building oneself as an educator goes beyond the academic environments. While reading Designing Effective Teaching and Significant Learning I could identify countless applicable connections with my leadership work as an engineering manager for a creative software company. This book comes at a pivotal moment in the evolution of learning: We have access to more information than ever, and technology is rapidly evolving. This means we need to be more strategic about what we learn and how transferable that is to the next task/job/industry. This book is an invitation to reflect on our methods as educators as well as a practical guide not only for faculty members but for industry leaders on how to successfully prepare individuals for a future where their contributions are rewarding and impactful.”

Manuel Castellanos Raboso, Engineering Manager

From the Foreword:

“Preeminent SLCE researchers share their research stories, lessons learned, and guidance for future research and researchers. Each chapter is replete with each author's SLCE research trajectory, homespun stories of their research and campus experiences, and past and future research agendas and practice plans, in essence portraits of reflective practitioners and researchers. Although it may seem counter-normative to blend the practical and research, doing so makes perfect sense. When we read a published article, we have no idea the trials and tribulations faced by the scholar, and often do not know the role of that particular study in the author's overall research agenda. This book makes such matters and others transparent, and its focus is unprecedented in the SLCE field. 

If you consider yourself an SLCE researcher or a prospective one, then you will find this book a must-read because it illuminates the trajectory of some of the talented SLCE researchers' stories of becoming involved in the work. Seasoned, early career, and aspiring SLCE researchers will find this book chock-full of guidance to inform and improve SLCE research.

I cannot overstate the value of this book (and the entire book series) to advancing SLCE research agenda and movement.”

Jeffrey Howard, Assistant Director, Center for Learning Through Community Service

Creating Space for Democracy

A Primer on Dialogue and Deliberation in Higher Education

"If democracy is in trouble, higher education is in trouble, so it is encouraging to see the cast of scholars who are mounting a response. This book is a vital contribution to the emerging field of deliberative pedagogy… It is particularly encouraging to see new themes like the role of professionals in our democracy. Well done!"

David Mathews

Trends in Assessment

Ideas, Opportunities, and Issues for Higher Education

“Each of the chapters contained herein is worth reading by itself, but I hope that readers will take the time to consume all of the chapters in order to see meta-trends taking shape in various settings—and to observe as well the growing sophistication of assessment practices as they evolve to fit the ever-changing contexts of higher education.”

From the foreword by Trudy W. Banta