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9th June 2022 Events

Reframing Assessment to Center Equity
Featuring authors Gavin W. Henning, Gianina R. Baker, Natasha A. Jankowski, Anne E. Lundquist and Erick Montenegro
When: Wednesday, June 15th
1pm ET / 10am PT

The intersection of equity and assessment is one of the most important, consequential, and hot topics in assessment practice. In this webinar, the authors of Reframing Assessment to Center Equity: Theories, Models, and Practices in US Higher Education, discuss an overview of the book and its chapters, introduce key concepts related to equity-centered assessment, share exemplars of equity-centered assessment in action, and provide future directions for assessment with equity at the center.

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9th June 2022 Events

The "What" and the "Why" of Doing Social Justice Education
Featuring author D. Scott Tharp
When: Tuesday, June 14th
1pm ET / 10am PT

Leading diversity and social justice education initiatives with intention and integrity require staff to make choices about how we approach this work. These choices include what types of initiatives we host, the focus of our efforts, how we engage learners, and ways to collect evidence of its impact on learning. You cannot follow a canned template, but need to craft your own experience to meet the needs before you.

In this webinar, D. Scott Tharp, the author of the book Doing Social Justice Education: A Practitioner's Guide for Workshops and Structured Conversations will provide an overview of the book, discuss key steps in the design and assessment process along with their relevance, and answer questions from participants.

Co-hosted with NASPA Region IV-East

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1st June 2022 Events

Due to illness, our Leadership in Higher Education With Our Feet Firmly Planted in Quicksand webinar with authors Brent Ruben, Richard De Lisi, and Ralph Gigliotti for Tuesday, June 7th will be rescheduled.

Once the new date is announced, we will contact all event registrants with the new information and link.

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2nd May 2022 Events

Join co-editors Erin Bentrim and Gavin Henning for our next Stylus author webinar!

The Impact of Sense of Belonging in College: Implications for Student Persistence, Retention, and Success
When: Wednesday, 5/11
1pm ET /10am PT

Sense of belonging is a construct distinct from involvement and engagement and is experienced differently by college students, based on their multiple and intersecting identities. But, similar to involvement and engagement, there are benefits of experiencing sense of belonging in college for student success including persistence and completion.

In this webinar, editors and authors of the new book, The Impact of Sense of Belonging in College: Implications for Student Persistence, Retention, and Success, will provide an overview of the book, discuss the differential impact of sense of belonging, and answer questions from participants.

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30th March 2022 Events

Following Learning-Centered Principles for More Equitable Online Teaching
Featuring authors Phyllis Blumberg and Kevin Kelly

When: Wednesday, April 6th
12pm ET / 9am PT

In this interactive webinar session, we will discuss twelve essential learning-centered actions described in Making Learning-Centered Teaching Work (Stylus, 2019). These learning-centered teaching actions are integrated with the Community of Inquiry model, a commonly used framework in online education. We will focus on answering participants’ questions about how to implement learning-centered principles for more equitable teaching in online, hybrid and in-person environments. Together we will share implementation tools, strategies and examples.

Intended audience: All faculty, especially faculty who are new to teaching online and faculty who want to improve their teaching.

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11th March 2022 Events

Investing in the Educational Success of Black Women and Girls Book Launch
Thursday, Mar 17, 2022
12PM ET / 9AM PT

Join co-editors Lori Patton Davis, Charlotte E. Jacobs, and Venus Evans-Winters as they celebrate the release of their newest book, Investing in the Educational Success of Black Women and Girls.

This virtual book launch will include conversations with the co-editors and several of the book contributors, including Dr. Janice Byrd, Dr. Christa Porter, Dr. Vivian Anderson, Dr. Maisha T. Winn, Dr. Monique Lane, Dr. Tiffany Steele.

We will also have a book giveaway during the live event!

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15th February 2022 Events

Exploring Insights and Tools from #Multiracial Experiences in HigherEd: Contesting Knowledge, Honoring Voice, and Innovating Practice

When: Thursday, 2/17
12pm ET/ 9am PT

This webinar highlights how the experiences of diverse Multiracial students, staff, and faculty can enhance our understanding of systemic oppression, social identity, exclusion and belonging, and institutional change. Drawing on chapters from each of the three sections of the book, the volume editors and select contributors provide concrete examples of constructs and tools that can be used in DEI efforts across multiple areas of campus life and illustrate how knowledge gleaned from Multiracial experiences can advance inclusion and social change for all people. This session uses presentation, storytelling, and an interactive question and answer segment.

Leading discussion will be co-editors Marc P. Johnston-Guerrero and Charmaine L. Wijeyesinghe. Participating authors will be Nick Davis, Chelsea Guillermo-Wann, and Maxwell Pereyra.

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Multiracial Experiences in Higher Education: Contesting Knowledge, Honoring Voice, and Innovating Practice was published in February 2021.

11th January 2022 Events

International Higher Education: The Big Picture
When: January 26, 2022
1:00pm ET/ 10:00am PT

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International higher education has evolved, in some respects, dramatically, over the last decade. Issues, trends and practices have been transformed by one of the most dynamic and tumultuous periods in the history of international higher education, brought on by the pandemic, a re-emergence of nationalism and the recognition of the power imbalances between the developed economics and the global south, and racial inequities within and across borders.

Join the editors of the Handbook of International Higher Education, Second Edition in this first webinar in a series to discuss the big picture of international higher education in moving forward into a post pandemic future.

Co-hosted with the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA).

8th November 2021 Events

Join us for our last Stylus Author Webinar of the year!

Neighborhood Democracy: Building Anchor Partnerships Between Colleges And Their Local Communities
Featuring author Richard Guarasci, with Tim Gannon and Pedro Santiago
When: Wednesday, 11/10
12pm ET / 9am PT

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Richard Guarasci, author of the forthcoming book, Neighborhood Democracy, will be discussing the critical role of higher education in supporting and sustaining an equitable and vibrant American democracy. He will focus on the growing movement of university-neighborhood anchor partnerships as a means to better prepare K-16 students as learners and civic leaders.

21st October 2021 Events

Join us for our next Student Affairs author webinar!

The Missing Competency: The Integrated Model for Program Development
Featuring authors Sharon A. Aiken-Wisniewski, Deborah J. Taub and Rich Whitney

When: Wednesday, 10/27
1pm ET/10am PT

Despite the volume of programs that student affairs professionals plan and implement, programming is not apparent in our professional competencies. In this webinar, our authors will present the Integrated Model for Program Development. The model provides a step-by-step guide that takes student affairs professionals from the idea for a program through implementation to using assessment to refine and improve the program for the future.

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Read more about The Missing Competency on the book page.

18th October 2021 Events

Join us for the virtual book launch of Design Thinking in Student Affairs! 

November 4th at 8 p.m. ET

We will be hosting a virtual book launch to hear from the authors, students, and experts about how this book can help you in your work. Written by Julia Allworth, Lesley D'Souza, and Gavin Henning, this book focuses on how practitioners can structure empathy into their work, and design systems that meet the true needs of students. A link to the virtual event will be sent in a reminder a few days prior to the event. 

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Rad more about the Design Thinking in Student Affairs on the book page.

11th October 2021 Events

Join authors Kris Renn and Bob Reason for a discussion of what’s new in research and theory about college students in the US.

When: Thursday, Oct 14, 2021
1PM ET / 10AM PT

They will provide an overview of the content of the second edition of their popular book, College Students in the US, present highlights of the latest information about college students, and offer insight on how higher education institutions can and should promote student success defined as learning, development, and wellbeing. There will be time for discussion with webinar participants.

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6th July 2021 Events

We're excited to announce our next Stylus Author Webinar!

Esports in Higher Education: First Steps and Next Steps
When: Thursday, July 22
2pm ET / 11am PT

Join Ryan Arnett, Charles Hueber, and George McClellan, co-authors of Esports in Higher Education: Fostering Successful Student-Athletes and Successful Programs, for this interactive discussion about the why, how, and what of building esports programs on your campus. The session will also include information on potential legal, policy, and practice pitfalls that can spell trouble for esports programs.

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18th May 2021 Events

What Inclusive Instructors Do

Wednesday, May 19th
12pm ET / 9am PT / 6am HT

What do inclusive instructors do to create equitable and welcoming environments for their learners? During this webinar, the authors of What Inclusive Instructors Do: Principles and Practices for Excellence in College Teaching will discuss the small steps instructors can take to foster more inclusive classrooms based on the findings of a national study and evidence from the literature.

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Visit the Stylus Webinar Series page for more upcoming events.

6th May 2021 Events

Incorporating social class supports across the academy
Strategies for retention and success in academic and student affairs

When: Wednesday, May 12th
1pm ET/ 10am PT
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Lead editors Georgianna Martin and Sonja Ardoin will be introducing their new book, Social Class Supports, discussing concrete examples of supports with chapter author panelists, and taking questions about how institutions can build and strengthen initiatives to raise class consciousness, reduce classism, and advance social class equity.

Social Class Supports presents a comprehensive range of strategies that provide the fundamental supports that poor and working class students need to succeed, while at the same time dismantling the inequitable, systemic barriers that make college difficult to navigate.

15th April 2021 News

Integrative Learning 101: How to Help College Students Connect Learning Across Contexts

When: Wednesday, April 28
1pm ET/ 10am PT 

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How can you help your students connect learning across contexts?

Join Dr. Jim Barber for a discussion of integrated learning and the five practices that he’s found useful for promoting the integration of learning for college students. This webinar will feature practical, research-based strategies for facilitating and assessing integration of learning from his new book that you can put to use right away. This book and webinar are designed for college educators broadly (faculty, student affairs professionals, coaches, administrators, etc.), but anyone interested in college student teaching and learning will benefit.

His book, Facilitating the Integration of Learning: Five Research-Based Practices to Help College Students Connect Learning Across Disciplines and Lived Experience, was published in October 2020 by Stylus Publishing.

17th March 2021 Events

Designing the Online Learning Experience: Evidence-Based Principles and Strategies
Featuring authors Simone C. O. Conceição and Les Howles

Mar 25, 2021
2PM ET / 11AM PT
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In this webinar authors Simone Conceição and Les Howles will preview their new book, Designing the Online Learning Experience. They’ll discuss how online learning experiences can be enhanced through skillful design of learner interactions with course content, instructors, fellow learners, and other aspects of the online environment.

You’ll get introduced to an integrated framework and holistic way of thinking for crafting learning experiences that are more engaging, meaningful, and impactful for today’s modern online learners.

17th March 2021 Events

Learning That Matters
Featuring authors Caralyn Zehnder, Cynthia Alby, Karynne Kleine and Julia Metzker

Mar 24, 2021
12pm ET / 9am PT
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In this invigorating webinar, four long-time friends will explore three critical themes of their book, Learning that Matters: equity, culturally-affirming teaching strategies, and design principles. Join in the conversation with the educator-authors, who are committed to enacting practices for transformative learning for every student, no longer content to wait for others to chart that path for them.

Learning that Matters: A Field Guide to Course Design for Transformative Education is a pragmatic resource for designing courses that engage college students as active citizens. This "work" book provides research-informed approaches for creating learning experiences and developing innovative, intellectually-engaging courses. Whether a novice or a veteran, by engaging with the text, collaborating with colleagues, and reflecting on the important work of a teacher, any motivated educator can become a transformative educator.

Perfect for courses such as: Education Curriculum and Instruction | Design for Transformative Learning | An Introduction to Evidence-based Undergraduate Teaching | New Faculty Orientations | Freshman Seminar Faculty Trainings | Center for Teaching & Learning | Workshops in Course Design

This Zoom webinar is co-hosted by Myers Education Press and Stylus Publishing.

16th February 2021 Events

Author Christine Harrington gives us a preview of her new book, Keeping Us Engaged: Student Perspectives (and Research-Based Strategies) on What Works and Why, and shows us student engagement ideas that faculty can easily incorporate into their virtual and in-person classrooms.

Written with 50 student voices, this book shows readers how a professor's actions can result in changed attitudes, stronger connections to others and the course material, and increased learning.

When: Feb 24, 2021
12:00 PM Eastern / 9:00 AM Pacific

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9th December 2020 Events

Stylus authors Kevin Kelly and Todd D. Zakrajsek will present an hour-long webinar describing key elements from their new book, Advancing Online Teaching: Creating Equity-Based Digital Learning Environments.

Advancing Online Teaching: Stylus Author Q&A Session
Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021
12:00-1:00pm ET/9:00-10:00am PT

This webinar is free and registration via Zoom is required.
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13th November 2020 News

Stylus is now a major sponsor of the Student Affairs NOW podcast.

Tune in or download episodes at
Recent podcast episodes include interviews with the authors and editors of The Curricular Approach to Student Affairs and Reframing Campus Conflict, 2nd Edition.

Episodes can also be viewed on the podcast YouTube channel.

20th October 2020 News

Meet Rachel Tribout, the talented illustrator of CSIRO's children's picture book Hold On! Saving the Spotted Handfish. Discover how she approaches science illustration and her best tips for aspiring illustrators.

Read the full article on the CSIRO Blog.

13th October 2020 Events

Free series, hosted by The Online Learning Consortium, kicks off Tuesday, October 20.

In this environment, eLearning leaders must act within their institutions as much more than technology managers and assume the prime role of helping their institutions understand the opportunities that eLearning presents for faculty, for students, and for client organizations in the community. 

Join us for a free series of three webinars with authors of Leading the eLearning Transformation of Higher Education, Second Edition to discuss how to drive institution-wide transformation, ensure operational effectiveness along the way and sustain innovation.

 The authors will share the collective expertise of veterans who have pioneered the field for 20 years, and of a rising generation of eLearning leaders that are transforming online programs at their own institutions.

Register for the Series on the OLC Webinar page.

11th October 2020 News
Titles for the virtual Entomology Society of America 2020 conference
2nd October 2020 News
Discounted titles for the ASA, CSAS & SSSA virtual conference 2020
16th September 2020 Events

Building Womens' Leadership in College
Monday, November 16 at 11am via Crowdcast

Julie E. Owen’s new book, We are the Leaders We’ve Been Waiting For, focuses on helping young women develop the skills necessary to succeed not only in their college environment, but also in the world. In this panel, she is joined by a group of students who are featured in her book to discuss challenges faced by young women today—and what can be done to overcome them. Owen is an associate professor of Leadership Studies at George Mason University. Sponsored by George Mason University’s Department of Women and Gender Studies and the School of Integrative Studies.

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22nd May 2020 Events

The Center for Engaged Learning is pleased to host a free webinar series to support conversations about Mind the Gap: Global Learning at Home and Abroad, which showcases recent, multi-institutional research related to global learning. 

19th May 2020 Events

An Open Conversation with the Authors of Going Alt-Ac

15th April 2020 News

Stylus author Nancy Chick interviews Dr. Bernard Jones, Professor of Emergency Management, on Higher Education's Emergency Response to the Pandemic. This interview was conducted and reported through ISSOTL, the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

24th June 2019 News
Follow the CABI blog to stay abreast of the CAB is doing around the world.
23rd June 2019 News

CABI supports study, practice and development across the applied life sciences through books, eBooks, compendia and online resources, including our world renowned CAB Abstracts and available on our award-winning database platform, CAB Direct.

22nd July 2018 Events
Save the Date!

The lead editors and contributors of Difficult Subjects will be holding a Twitter Town Hall event next Wednesday, August 1st, at 2pm ET/11am PT.

Participating authors are:
Badia Ahad-Legard...
14th June 2018 News
From University Business Magazine, how one institution made the shift to helping underserved students reach their academic goals, featuring Governors State University President and author of ...
25th April 2018 News
MEP author, Christopher Weaver, who co-wrote Writing in Online Courses (January 2018) with fellow MEP author Phoebe Jackson, was recently interviewed on "The Written Word," a podcast created by educational technology company, Turnitin. Christoph...
10th April 2018 News
Ruben was recently named Inaugural Winner of Baldrige Foundation Award for Leadership Excellence, for his development of the Excellence in Higher Education assessment and planning framework. Named after U.S. secretary of commerce Malcolm Baldrige, the ...
7th January 2018 News
Stylus author Dr. Elaine Maimon was published in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Her article, A Checklist for Transformative Leaders...
31st December 2017 News
26th November 2017 News
7th November 2017 News
BOULDER, CO (November 7, 2017) – Teacher Absenteeism in Charter and Traditional Public Schools, authored by David Griffith and published by the Fordham Institute, compares average rates of frequent teacher absence for teachers with and without...
7th February 2017 News
Stylus is proud to be the new book distributor for The National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition.

The National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition at the Univers...