Karynne Kleine


Searching for a purposeful profession after stints in both public and private business sectors, Karynne L M Kleine came later to her career in education, which has now fascinated her for 35 years. Throughout that period, she has examined many of the taken-for-granted-assumptions about teaching, learning, and how the world works in order to internalize her understanding of human nature and its intersection with growth and progress of the collective. Dr. Kleine’s educational philosophy focuses on finding out “what is” then imagining and realizing “what could be.” She calls Georgia home having travelled the US and earning undergraduate degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies (Southwestern College) and Business Administration (San Diego State University), and advanced degrees in Education from the University of Maine (M.Ed. Middle Grades Education; Ed. D. History and Philosophy of Science/Science Education.) As a former dean and current professor of education, Karynne collaborates alongside her colleagues at Georgia College as well as nationally with those in other fields to address issues of equity, particularly inequitable educational outcomes that serve to reinforce the status quo and limit life choices. She and the love of her life, Mike Gleason, together enjoy the pace of time and quietude found in the mountains of Appalachia.

Author's Books

Learning That Matters

A Field Guide to Course Design for Transformative Education

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