Cynthia Alby


Cynthia Alby has spent most of her career immersed in what could most accurately be described as “avid cross-discipline idea synthesizing.” She studies pedagogy, sociology, psychology, neuroscience, and economics - anything that might yield useful clues to improving the art and science of teaching. Her primary research question is, “How might we re-enchant learning for both students and faculty?” Dr. Alby received a Ph.D. in Language Education from the University of Georgia, an M.A. in Classical Archeology from the University of Cincinnati, and an H.A.B. in Classical Languages and Philosophy from Xavier University. She joined Georgia College in 2001, where she is now a Professor of Teacher Education and works extensively with the Center for Teaching and Learning. She is also the Lead Lecturer for Georgia’s “Governor’s Teaching Fellows,” a program she has worked with since 2001. She and her husband raise a critically endangered breed of sheep on their farm, Shangri-Baa.

Author's Books

Learning That Matters

A Field Guide to Course Design for Transformative Education


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