Stephen T. Garnett


Stephen T. Garnett, Professor of Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods at Charles Darwin University, drafted the first review of Australia's threatened bird species in 1990. He wrote the first Action Plan for Australian Birds in 1992, the second Action Plan in 2000, in association with Gabriel Crowley, and the third, in 2010, with Judit Szabo and Guy Dutson. He and Dr. Gabriel Crowley were jointly awarded the Serventy Medal in 2008. He has studied and written about many threatened Australian bird species, most notably the Golden-shouldered Parrot and the Kangaroo Island Glossy Black-Cockatoo. He helped bring the idea of Important Bird Areas to Australia, and is a Fellow of BirdLife Australia where he serves on the Research and Conservation Committee and has coordinated the Threatened Species Committee since 2003. He is also a Conference-Appointed Scientific Councillor for birds with the Convention on Migratory Species, established the International Union for Biological Sciences working group on taxonomic lists and undertakes research on Indigenous natural-resource based livelihoods, renewable energy and human migration.