John Dayton


John Dayton is a Professor of Education Law and Policy, Adjunct Professor of Higher Education, Editor-in-Chief of the Education Law & Policy Review, and the Director of the Education Law Consortium (see,, a non-partisan pro bono research group dedicated to advancing knowledge and practice in education law. Professor Dayton is an internationally recognized expert on law and policy. He is a lawyer with experience in public and private legal practice. He has also served as a judicial clerk, and as a public school educator and program director. In recognition of his academic achievements he was offered academic scholarships from many outstanding law schools including the Indiana University-Bloomington School of Law in his home state. Professor Dayton holds both a law degree and a doctoral degree in educational administration and policy from Indiana University. Dr. Dayton has taught law and policy courses for three decades including education law; higher education law; special education law; medical law; and professional ethics. Dr. Dayton is currently a professor at the University of Georgia where he was the first recipient of the Glickman Award for excellence in research and teaching. He is a member of the prestigious University Teaching Academy and serves on the editorial boards of the leading scholarly journals in education law, policy, and finance. Dr. Dayton is the author of over a 100 law review articles, books, and other publications on law and policy. He is an internationally recognized author and speaker on law and policy issues.