Wendy A. Bilgen


Wendy A. Bilgen is an online adjunct instructor for Cornerstone University, Professional and Graduate Studies (PGS). She also maintains a private counseling and consulting practice in Turkey where she has lived for the past two decades. Her Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership is from Eastern University and her dissertation was an autoethnographic study joining dialogical self theory and intersectionality with social justice leadership identity theories to explore how diverse, multifaceted personal identities interact within challenging power-filled contexts. Her professional and research interests have aligned with her life purpose exploring and developing narrative practices through diverse forms of inquiry. Interacting with the stories and experiences of self and others at the intersection of identity, culture, and spirituality have focused her activities as an edge-walking practitioner, dividing time between teaching, counseling, speaking, research, and writing in the U.S. and Turkey. Through her work she hopes that voices normally held at the margins of society would be stimulated to speak new wisdom and knowledge into all levels of society in order to stimulate social innovation and healing in individuals, organizations, communities, and societies around the globe.

Author's Books

Transformative Autoethnography for Practitioners

Change Processes and Practices for Individuals and Groups

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