Heewon Chang


Heewon Chang, PhD, is Professor at Eastern University, USA, and serves as the Chair of the PhD in Organizational Leadership program. Over 30 years in higher education, her teaching and research focus has expanded from education to organizational leadership. Despite the disciplinary shift, she has maintained her love for qualitative research, justice-oriented scholarship, the global mindset for cultural diversity and multiculturalism, systems thinking for organizations and leadership, and basic and higher education. Her teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels reflect her scholarly commitment to these topics. Besides teaching she enjoys providing mentoring to students through dissertation advising and fellow scholars through journal editing. In addition to helping over 20 students complete their dissertation journeys, she founded two academic journals, including the International Journal of Multicultural Education. As Editor-in-Chief for 20 years, she had the privilege of working with over a thousand authors who pursued educational equity for diverse students in various global contexts. She has published four books, including Adolescent Life and Ethos (1992), Autoethnography as Method (2008), Spirituality in Higher Education (2011, co-edited), and Collaborative Autoethnography (2013, co-authored). Among various articles and book chapters she has published, some on the topic of autoethnography have appeared in Qualitative Health Research (2016), Journal of Autoethnography (2020), Handbook of Autoethnography (2013; 2022), and Handbook of Sociological Ethnography (2022). She still wakes up every day with a belief that our world would be a better place if we care for the self with the consideration of others and our collective environment.

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