Immaculée Harushimana


Immaculée Harushimana is a 2018-2019 Fulbright Scholar (Malawi) and Associate Professor of TESOL and English education in Lehman College, City University of New York. Her major area of inquiry is in critical linguistics and its implications for literacy instruction to adolescents in a globalized world. The underlying theme of Harushimana’s research is linguicism as reflected through African-born immigrants’ academic and professional integration, multilingual identities, and alternative discourses. Harushimana’s research and writings have been published in edited volumes and refereed professional journals. Her books include Reprocessing race, language and ability: African-born educators and students in transnational America (2013), which brings together the experiences of African-born teacher educators, k-12 teachers and secondary youth in the USA and Canada. Her 2016 book African immigrants’ experiences in American schools: Complicating the race discourse, co-authored with Dr. Shirley Mthethwa-Sommers, explores the effect of intersecting issues of race, nationality, and spirituality on the schooling adaptation of African-born children in western school settings. Currently, Harushimana is lead editor and contributor to her third book entitled, Paradise to Regain: Post-Obama Insights from Women Educators in the Diaspora, under contract with Myers Education Books (2019).

Author's Books

A Paradise to Regain

Post-Obama Insights from Women Educators of the Black Diaspora


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