Kitty Kelly Epstein


Kitty Kelly Epstein is an academic, an author, the host of a radio show, and an urban activist. She taught high school; earned a doctorate at U.C. Berkeley; then taught teachers and graduate students. Kitty led a thousand-person participatory action process for the incoming mayoral administration of Ron Dellums, and then served on his Oakland policy staff. She has worked on successful efforts to diversify the teaching force, prevent the takeover of the Oakland school district, and construct innovative educational programs. She was the winner of the Urban Affairs Association-SAGE Marilyn Gittell Activist Scholar Lecture Series and Award. Kitty has written two books and presented academic papers and workshops in Norway, South Africa, Nicaragua, Jordan, Ethiopia, China, Poland, the Czech Republic, and elsewhere.

Author's Books

Changing Academia Forever

Black Student Leaders Analyze the Movement They Led

E-Book (ePub)