Glenn M. Shea


Glenn Shea, Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomy at The University of Sydney, has been researching the systematics and biology of Australian and New Guinean reptiles, and particularly the skink and pygopod lizards and typhlopid snakes, since the 1980s. He is a Research Associate of the Australian Museum and the Queensland Museum, and his studies, which emphasize the use of museum collections throughout the world, have resulted in over 180 publications, including co-authorship (with Gerry Swan and Ross Sadlier) of the Field Guide to Reptiles of New South Wales. He is a past member of the Non-Indigenous Animals Advisory Committee of NSW Agriculture, a past Treasurer of the Australian Society of Herpetologists, and editor of the Australian herpetological journal Herpetofauna. He was involved with the first Action Plan for Australian Reptiles (1993), and a member of the first Australasian Reptile and Amphibian Specialist Group of the IUCN SSC (1991–94).