Dogs, Zoonoses and Public Health Edition 2

February 2013
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    6th February 2013
  • ISBN 9781845938352
  • Language English
  • Pages 288 pp.
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Zoonotic diseases constitute a public health problem throughout the world. Addressing a little studied area of veterinary and medical science, this book covers the viruses, bacteria and protozoan and helminth parasites that are transmitted between man and dogs, discussing population management, control disease agents and human-dog relationships. Fully updated throughout, this new edition also includes two new chapters on benefits of the human-dog relationship and non-infectious disease issues with dogs. It is a valuable resource for researchers and students of veterinary and human medicine, microbiology, parasitology and public health.

1. The Human-Dog Relationship: A Tale of Two Species
2. Benefits of the Human-Dog Relationship
3. Dog associated Problems affecting Public Health and Community Well-being
4. Dogs and Rabies
5. Dogs and Bacterial Zoonoses
6. Dogs and Protozoan Zoonoses
7. Dogs and Trematode Zoonoses
8. Dogs and Cestode Zoonoses
9. Dogs and Nematode Zoonoses
10. Dogs and Ectoparasitic Zoonoses
11. Dog Population Management
12. Zoonoses Prevention, Control and Elimination in Dogs
13. Fertility Control in Dogs

Calum N. L. Macpherson

Calum N. L. Macpherson is at Windward Islands Research and Education, Grenada, West Indies.

François-Xavier Meslin

François-Xavier Meslin is with the World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland.

Alexander I. Wandeler

Alexander I. Wandeler works at the OIE Reference Laboratory for Rabies, WHO Collaborating Centre, Ontario, Canada.