Australian Weevils Series Series

Australian Weevils (Coleoptera - Curculionoidea)

Curculionidae: Entiminae Part I

Volume IV
March 2021
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    CSIRO Publishing
  • ISBN 9780643051485
  • Language English
  • Pages 664 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"
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Australian Weevils: Volume IV covers the 11 smaller tribes of the weevil subfamily Entiminae (broad-nosed weevils), which comprises more than 100 genera and 700 described species in Australia. Around half of this fauna is covered in Volume IV, featuring keys to all the tribes, genera and described species as well as updated concepts and diagnoses of the tribes and summarizing accounts of the taxonomy, nomenclature, distribution and known hostplants of all the genera and species.

All the introduced species of Entiminae in Australia, most of which are regarded as agricultural or horticultural pests, are included, as are descriptions of 12 new genera and eight new species and identifications of about another 240 undescribed species. The book also includes an overview of the salient characters of the Entiminae, illustrated on 18 color plates of diagnostic features needed for identifying these weevils, alongside a further 180 color plates illustrating the habitus and genitalia of all the genera and of several other species and their diagnostic characters. The volume further includes an obituary and full publication list of the late Elwood C. Zimmerman as well as an updated list of recent literature on the Australian Entiminae and other weevils.

The book is an essential reference work for researchers and students working with entimine weevils both in Australia and abroad.

  • Introduction to the large weevil subfamily Entiminae (broad-nosed weevils) of Australia.
  • Overview of the morphological features of the subfamily.
  • Key to all 12 tribes of Entiminae in Australia.
  • Systematic treatment of the 11 smaller tribes, including their taxonomic and nomenclatural history, diagnoses and keys to all their genera and described species; covering most pest species of the subfamily in Australia.
  • Updated list of literature references to Australian Entiminae and other weevils.

Obituary: Elwood Curtin Zimmerman 1912–2004
Conspectus of the Tribes and Genera Treated in this Volume
Checklist of the Genera and Species Treated in this Volume
Abbreviations and Acronyms
Subfamily ENTIMINAE Schoenherr
Morphology of Entiminae
Key to the tribes of Entiminae in Australia
Tribe CELEUTHETINI Lacordaire
Tribe CYPHICERINI Lacordaire
Tribe EMBRITHINI Marshall
Tribe OOSOMINI Lacordaire
Tribe OTIORHYNCHINI Schoenherr
Tribe SITONINI Gistel
Tribe TANYMECINI Lacordaire
Literature Consulted

Rolf Oberprieler

Rolf Oberprieler was born in Germany but grew up in Namibia, studied entomology in South Africa and worked on the systematics of weevils at the Plant Protection Research Institute in Pretoria for 17 years, before moving to Australia in 1997 to take up the position of Zimmerman Fellow in Weevil Systematics at the Australian National Insect Collection of CSIRO in Canberra. His studies of various weevil groups in Africa and Australia have resulted in more than 250 scientific publications.

Elwood Zimmerman

The late Elwood Zimmerman began his entomological career as member of the Bishop Museum’s Mangarevan Expedition of 1934 and then worked as Curator of Entomology at the Bishop Museum in Hawaii for more than 30 years, where he produced, besides many papers on weevils, the monumental monograph series Insects of Hawaii. In 1972 he relocated to Australia to embark on the similarly ambitious Australian Weevils series, of which he published five volumes by 1994 and on which he continued to work until his death in 2004. He published 242 papers and books during his long career.