Elwood Zimmerman


The late Elwood Zimmerman began his entomological career as member of the Bishop Museum’s Mangarevan Expedition of 1934 and then worked as Curator of Entomology at the Bishop Museum in Hawaii for more than 30 years, where he produced, besides many papers on weevils, the monumental monograph series Insects of Hawaii. In 1972 he relocated to Australia to embark on the similarly ambitious Australian Weevils series, of which he published five volumes by 1994 and on which he continued to work until his death in 2004. He published 242 papers and books during his long career.

Author's Books

Australian Weevils Series Series

Australian Weevils (Coleoptera - Curculionoidea)

Brentidae, Eurhynchidae, Apionidae and a Chapter on Immature Stages by Brenda May

Volume II