Andrew Jenkins


Andrew Jenkins has a first degree in social science and an MSc in Agricultural Engineering, with over 40 years’ experience in water management and rural development in South and South-east Asia. He has worked for ten years for the leading international CSO and Social Enterprise, BRAC, which was founded and is based in Bangladesh, where he initiated and coordinated the Impact Assessment Unit in the Research and Evaluation Division, and also participated in the Global Value research project with several European institutes and business schools.

He is currently the Team Leader of the Char Development and Settlement Project, Bangladesh, a Visiting Fellow at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University, and a Senior Strategic Advisor on Agricultural Water in South Asia to the 2030 Water Resources Group, which is a public/private partnership, also involving civil society, and supported by the International Finance Corporation.

Author's Books

New Land, New Life

A success story of new land resettlement in Bangladesh