Teija Rantala


Teija Rantala earned her Master’s in Education and Ph.D. in Gender Studies at the University of Helsinki. In her doctoral study she explored the aspirations of religious women belonging to a minority movement in Finland and used feminist methods and poststructuralist theory to be able to examine the women’s controversial aspirations.//She has published her work mostly in feminist educational journals. The publications reflect her feminist, creative but critical approach to methodology and knowledge formation. She has a special interest in examining processes of gender, identity, aspirations and experience by experimenting with feminist poststructuralist and posthuman theory. She has given invited lectures at the University of Aberystwyth and University of Reading and reviewed for SAGE and Routledge. 

Author's Books

Explorations in Qualitative Inquiry Series

Exploring Data Production in Motion

Fluidity and Feminist Poststructuralism

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