Frauke Meyer


Dr. Frauke Meyer is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Auckland. She teaches and supervises students in the Master of Educational Leadership program. Frauke trained as a teacher for students with special needs in Germany, completing a master’s degree in teaching and working across schools to support their inclusion efforts. She moved to New Zealand in 2008 and completed another master’s degree and a PhD under the supervision of Professor Stuart McNaughton. Whilst working on her PhD, Frauke worked for several small to large-scale research projects in New Zealand and Australia, including as a researcher for the Centre for Educational Leadership (UACEL). She continued her work for the centre, mainly supporting the First-time Principals’ Programme, and worked closely with Distinguished Professor Viviane Robinson during these years, before taking up a lecturer position at the faculty. Her research is concerned with school improvement, school leadership, and interpersonal leadership practices. The immediate focus of her research is leadership practices that foster school improvement and create equity in outcomes. In her research, she works closely with schools and school leaders, prioritising outcomes for schools. Linda and Frauke have worked closely together at the Centre for Educational Leadership on research projects focused on school improvement projects, and in teaching at the faculty and in professional development courses. Frauke has presented and published her research internationally at conferences and in journals. Her aim is to support schools and leaders in improving equity in outcomes for their learners through effective and strategic system leadership.

Author's Books

It's Not Rocket Science - A Guide to the School Improvement Cycle

With Examples from New Zealand and Australian Schools


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