Stylus ACPA Virtual Bookstore

Stylus is proud to be a sponsor for the ACPA21 Annual Convention.

Browse the books we had planned to feature at the 2021 conference – all available, including those in press, at 30% off with free shipping

To browse titles, click the link to our Virtual Bookstore. If you want to add titles not listed on the Bookstore page, first open the Stylus website, select titles, and enter Offer Code ACPA21 in the regular shopping cart.

Featured Titles

Edited by Marc P. Johnston-Guerrero and Charmaine L. Wijeyesinghe
Edited by John N. Gardner, Michael J. Rosenberg and Andrew K. Koch
Kathleen G. Kerr, Keith E. Edwards, James F. Tweedy, Hilary Lichterman and Amanda R. Knerr
Kristen A. Renn and Robert D. Reason
Edited by Fred A. Bonner II, Rosa M. Banda, Stella L. Smith and aretha f. marbley

Use code ACPA21 when ordering