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Queer Singularities: LGBTQ Histories, Cultures, and Identities in Education

Queer Singularities takes an intersectional approach to exploring how normative and non-normative experiences of gender, race, class and sexuality are taught and learned within lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and queer histories, cultures and identities.

Focused on processes and experiences of formal and informal education, books in the series will cover critical perspectives on topics such as schooling and sexuality, heteronormativity and learning, activism and curriculum, homophobia and trauma, urbanization and identity, and culture and creativity.

Through these exploratory juxtapositions, Queer Singularities aims to explore the paradoxical ways LGBTQ histories, cultures and identities are both productively singular and disruptively queer. In so doing, books in the series will provide new theoretical lenses and practical information for researchers, educators, leaders, and policy maker.