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Diversifying the Educator Pipeline

Supporting Black Educators through Recruitment, Preparation, and Retention

May 2025
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May 2025
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  • Publisher
    Myers Education Press
  • ISBN 9781975506124
  • Language English
  • Pages 200 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

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May 2025
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The 1954 Brown v. Board of Education landmark court case arguably changed the landscape of education, particularly for Black youth. Despite the many gains reaped from this monumental decision, what is not often discussed is how this court ruling affected Black educators, and how the disappearance of Black educators has had a long lasting effect on the performance of Black youth. Recognizing the unique obstacles that Black children and educators face in a predominantly White education system, Diversifying the Educator Pipeline explores the need to diversify the educator workforce, particularly as it pertains to expanding the presence of Black educators.

The goal of this text is to explore the need to diversify the educator workforce, particularly as it pertains to expanding the presence of Black educators. To accomplish this, the book starts with an exploration of the historical context as it pertains to Black educators in America to contextualize the discussion and recommendations that follow. The focus of the remainder of the text is on the recruitment, preparation, and retention of Black educators as a means to diversify the educator workforce in an effort to better reflect and support diverse classrooms across the country. Throughout the volume, a synthesis of research, recommendations, and Black educator voices will be skillfully woven to create a compelling argument for the need to recruit, prepare, and retain Black educators as a means to diversify the educator workforce and better support and reflect diverse classrooms of students.

Grounded with the historical context of Black educators in America as a means to contextualize the current conversation, Dr. Marks examines why efforts to diversify the educator pipeline have not yielded the desired results. This is an important book for educators across the pedagogical spectrum, especially for those wishing to create more equitable classrooms for Black students.

Shaylyn Marks

Dr. Shaylyn Marks is an Assistant Professor at CSU Bakersfield. The main focus of her work centers on advancing innovative ways to disrupt the status quo and create more equitable learning opportunities for underserved populations. With culturally sustaining pedagogy at the core of her work, her research interests include evolving teacher education preparation practices, using literature as a means to support and enact social justice, and exploring equitable structures within the classroom.