Microsoft Office 2010 and Beyond, Video

Computer Concepts and Applications

January 2014
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  • Publisher
    Mercury Learning and Information
  • Published
    15th January 2014
  • ISBN 9781938549717
  • Language English
  • Pages 470 pp.
  • Size 8" x 10"

Designed to primarily address the Windows operating system and the 2010 Microsoft Office application suite, it also includes instructions for students using OpenOffice and MacOS platforms. Over 50 video tutorials on the DVD will support each chapter by demonstrating the principles presented. The focus of this text is to provide new students and those with some experience with the skills needed to proficiently discuss essential computer concepts, navigate and conduct basic tasks using an operating system, and develop files using basic productivity applications. Features: • Designed to address the Windows operating system and the 2010 Microsoft Office application suite • Includes a comprehensive DVD with over 50 video tutorials, project files, tips, figures, and shortcuts • Integrates the use of both MacOS and Open Office to describe the respective concepts in Windows and MS Office • Covers the topic of interoperability of the software packages throughout the text • Numerous instructor supplements available upon adoption

I: The Computer Environment
1) Introduction to Computer Concepts
2) Using the Computing Environment
3) Working with the Web
4) Microsoft Outlook and E-mail Clients

II: Word Processing and Microsoft Word
5) Introduction to Word
6) Developing and Editing Documents
7) Advanced Features

III: Presentation Software and Microsoft PowerPoint
8) Introduction to PowerPoint
9) Creating Presentations
10) Advanced Features

IV: Spreadsheet Software and Microsoft Excel
11) Introduction to Excel
12) Developing a Worksheet
13) Formulas, Functions, and the What-If Analysis
14) Advanced Features

V: Database Software and Microsoft Access
15) Introduction to Databases
16) Developing a Database
17) Queries and Maintaining the Database

A) OS Scripting
B) Programming in Excel and Access

Theodor Richardson

Theodor Richardson is the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at South College and has written several books in areas of computer science.

Charles Thies

Charles Thies attended the University of Denver where he received a Masters of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems. He has worked for the Department of Defense in assignments overseas as an information technology professional and is published in the Journal of Information Science Applied Research. He is the Director of Digital Publishing and Information Technology at Books International, Inc. and has taught numerous college courses in computer science.