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March 2020
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  • Publisher
    Mercury Learning & Information
  • ISBN 9781938549700
  • Language English
  • Pages 750 pp.
  • Size 7" x 9"
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March 2020
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  • Publisher
    Mercury Learning & Information
  • ISBN 9781683921479
  • Language English
  • Pages 750 pp.
  • Size 7" x 9"
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March 2020
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  • Publisher
    Mercury Learning & Information
  • ISBN 9781683922971
  • Language English
  • Pages 750 pp.
  • Size 7" x 9"

This book deals with the concepts of geometrical and physical optics and covers lasers, holography, and fiber optics. It contains numerous diagrams, worked-out examples, and related questions-answers to help students in the comprehension and appreciation of the concepts. A companion disc with animations, 4-color figures, etc., is included.

1) A Brief Review of the Theory of Light
2) Reflection and Refraction
3) Refraction at Spherical Surface
4) Aberrations of Optical Images
5) Optical Instruments
6) Nature of Light
7) Simple Harmonic Motion
8) Wave Motion
9) Light Waves
10) Huygens' Principle and Its Applications
11) Interference of Light (Division of Wavefront)
12) Interference of Light (Division of Amplitude)
13) Diffraction of Light (Fresnel Class)
14) Diffraction of Light (Fraunhofer Class)
15) Resolving Power
16) Polarization of Light
17) Production and Analysis of Polarized Light Optical Activity
18) Electromagnetic Nature of Light
19) Quantum Nature of Light
20) Origin of Spectra
21) Matter Waves
22) Elements of Crystal Structure
23) Matrix Presentation of Polarized Light: Jones' Vector and Jones' Matrix
24) Lasers and Its Applications
25) Fiber Optics and Sensors
26) Holography

A. Srivastava

A. Srivastava has over 30 research publications and a patent to her credit. She co-authored books on Mechanics, Optics, and Practical Physics.

Sarhan M. Musa

Sarhan M. Musa holds a PhD in electrical engineering and is currently an associate professor in the engineering technology department at Prairie View A&M University, Texas.