AutoCAD 2014 Beginning and Intermediate

September 2013
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  • Publisher
    Mercury Learning and Information
  • Published
    27th September 2013
  • ISBN 9781938549625
  • Language English
  • Pages 700 pp.
  • Size 7" x 9"
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January 2014
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  • Publisher
    Mercury Learning and Information
  • Published
    15th January 2014
  • ISBN 9781938549953
  • Language English
  • Pages 700 pp.
  • Size 7" x 9"
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This book is the most comprehensive book you will find on AutoCAD 2014 – 2D Drafting. Covering all of the 2D concepts, it uses both metric and imperial units to illustrate the myriad drawing and editing tools for this popular application. Use the DVD to set up drawing exercises and projects and see all of the book’s figures in color. AutoCAD 2014 Beginning and Intermediate includes over 100 exercises or “mini-workshops,” that complete small projects from concept through actual plotting. Solving all of the workshops will simulate the creation of three projects (architectural and mechanical) from beginning to end, without overlooking any of the basic commands and functions in AutoCAD 2014.

  • Designed for novice users of AutoCAD 2014. Most useful for “teach yourself” or instructor-led AutoCAD training in Level 1 or 2. No previous CAD experience is required
  • Accompanied by a DVD featuring drawings, practice and finished plots, 4-color figures, etc.
  • Includes over 100 “mini-workshops” and hundreds of figures that complete small projects
  • Uses both English and metric units in examples, exercises, projects, and descriptions
  • Covers three full projects (metric and imperial) for architectural and mechanical designs
  • Helps you to prepare for the AutoCAD Certified Professional exam
  • Instructor’s resources available for use as a textbook

  • eBook Customers: Companion files are available for downloading with order number/proof of purchase by writing to the publisher at

    1) AutoCAD 2014 Basics
    2) Precise Drafting in AutoCAD 2014
    3) Modifying Commands
    4) Modifying Commands
    5) Layers and Inquiry Commands
    6) Blocks and Hatches
    7) Writing Text
    8) Dimensions
    9) Plotting
    10) Projects
    11) More on 2D Objects
    12) Advanced Practices - Part 1
    13) Advanced Practices - Part 2
    14) Using Block Tools and Block Editing
    15) Creating Text & Table Styles and Formulas in Tables
    16) Dimension & Multileader Styles
    17) Plot Style, Annotative, and DWF Files
    18) How to Create a Template File and Interface Customization
    19) Parametric Constraints
    20) Dynamic Blocks
    21) Block Attributes
    22) External Referencing (Xref)
    23) Sheet Sets
    24) CAD Standards and Advanced Layers
    25) Drawing Review

    Munir Hamad

    Munir Hamad is an Autodesk® Approved Instructor and certified Autodesk AutoCAD Master, who has authored several AutoCAD titles and taught various levels of AutoCAD training.