Mastering Business Planning and Strategy Edition 2

The Power and Application of Strategic Thinking

August 2007
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  • Published
    21st August 2007
  • ISBN 9781854183293
  • Language English
  • Pages 184 pp.
  • Size 6.25" x 9.25"
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This is the ideal book for anyone seeking an introduction to business planning and strategic thinking that is both comprehensive and accessible. Paul Elkin explains all the key concepts, skills, and techniques for developing successful business plans and strategies in a way that will leave you fully prepared to apply them in practice.

The book is designed for executives who have recently taken on a strategic role in the organization; entrepreneurs running their own business; marketing, finance, or production managers who need a proper grasp of the subject; and business and management students.

Leading businesses tend to concentrate on three areas: how to ensure they satisfy customer needs, how to achieve and maintain competitive advantage, and how to develop and build on the company's strengths. Directed at meeting these objectives, the book provides valuable techniques for profiling your business, powerful strategic thinking, focused option appraisal, effective decision making, as well as analyzing the market and your competitors.

1) Mastering Business Success; 2) Mastering Strategic Analysis; 3) Mastering Market Analysis; 4) Mastering the Volume-Cost-Profit Relationship; 5) Mastering Organizational Analysis; 6) Mastering Option Appraisal; 7) Mastering Strategic Leadership; 8) Mastering Performance Measurement; 9) Mastering New Business Development.

Paul Elkin

Paul Elkin worked in a range of senior management roles in the public and private sector before entering consultancy with Price Waterhouse, specializing in business performance reviews. Since 1989 he has been Managing Director of TMMp Group and has worked at the senior level with a wide range of UK, European and US owned businesses specialising in strategic development, performance management, planning and financial control.