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Dynamic Budgetary Control

For Strategic and Adaptable Management

Spiral bound
September 1997
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  • Published
    10th September 1997
  • ISBN 9781854180131
  • Language English
  • Pages 111 pp.
  • Size 8.25" x 11.75"

David Allen highlights the importance of dynamic budgetary control in linking strategy, tactics and operations, and presents a coherent structure for successful business management in today's rapidly changing conditions. Aimed at financial directors and managers, commercial directors and managing directors, this Report provides accessible information based on practical experience.

1. Introduction
Levels of control
The demise of 'scientific management'
The fourth dimension

2. Approaches to costing and accounting
Variations on a theme
Activity based costing and budgeting
Throughput accounting and budgeting
Redefining profit
Towards a new orthodoxy

3. New foundation
The fundamental aim
Elements of control
The quantification of progress
Points of view
The question of uncertainty

4. Practicalities
Where to start
Back to the future
To infinity and beyond

5. Great expectations
The language of financial management
Interrelated dimensions
Making the transition

6. Hope springs eternal
Quality is commercial
Volume sustaining outlays
Volume inducing outlays
Volume anticipative outlays
The importance of faith

7. Keeping up to date
A vital recap
Standard costing
A new dawning
Updated benchmarks

8. Rolling forward
Time frames and frequencies
An articulated roll
A summary of the argument
Obstacles and their removal

David Allen

David Allen , CBE, M Phil, FCMA, JdipMA, FCIS, FRSA, is Chairman of Strategic Financial Management Ltd. He is a past president of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and a past chairman of the Financial and Management Accounting Committee of the International Federation of Accountants.