Veterinary Practice Management

January 2013
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    9th January 2013
  • ISBN 9781845939809
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Veterinarians are increasingly aware of the need to recognize they are working in a business enterprise. From operating as small practices 20 years ago, veterinary businesses are now run along sophisticated models and operate out of multi-million pound hospitals. Drawing together the latest information on practice management, this textbook provides practical and straightforward coverage of major elements, including client relationships and staff management, business and financial procedures, computer systems and project management. This book covers practice management topics as taught in veterinary schools worldwide, providing students with a textbook resource in this increasingly important subject. It is also a valuable source of information for newly qualified veterinarians, veterinarians interested in practice management and veterinary practice managers.

Introduction: The Context of Veterinary Practice
Section 1: The Practice-Client Relationship (1): Marketing Veterinary Services
Section 2: The Practice-Client Relationship (2): Selecting and Keeping the Right Staff
Section 3: Working Efficiently and Effectively: Internal Processes and Procedures
Section 4: Financial Management - A Matter for the Accountant?
Section 5: Practice Growth and Development
Section 6: Forms, Templates and Checklists

Appendix 1. Computer Terminology Explained
Appendix 2. Acceptable User Policy: Mobile and Landline Phones, E-mail and Internet
Appendix 3. Answers to Accounting Questions

Catherine R. Coates

Catherine R. Coates is at University of Bristol.