Microbial Biotechnology

Energy and Environment

Edited by Rajesh Arora
January 2013
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    9th January 2013
  • ISBN 9781845939564
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Human actions across the past few centuries have led to a depletion of the world's natural energy sources, as well as large scale environmental degradation. In the context of these current global issues, this book covers the latest research on the application and use of microbes in topical areas such as bioremediation and biofuels. With chapters covering environmental clean-up, microbial fuel cells and biohydrogen, it provides a comprehensive discussion of the latest developments in the field of microbe utilization.

Part 1: Microbial Biotechnology: Present and Future Prospects
1. Emerging Trends in Microbial Biotechnology: Energy and Environment

Part 2: Harnessing Sustainable Energy Sources from Microbes
2. The Microbiology of Microbial Electric Systems
3. A Comparative Assessment of Bioelectrochemical Systems and Enzymatic Fuel Cells
4. Electrical Energy from Microorganisms
5. Rumen Microbial Fuel Cells

Part 3: Mechanistics of Bioenergy Production
6. Systems Microbiology Approach to Bioenergy
7. Nanotechnology and Bioenergy: Innovations and Applications
8. Host Engineering for Biofuel-Tolerant Phenotypes

Part 4: Bioenergy from Wastes and Pollutant Removal
9. Microbial Fuel Cells: Electricity Generation from Organic Wastes by Microbes
10. Integration of Anaerobic Digestion and Oil Accumulation: Bioenergy Production and Pollutants Removal
11. Biohydrogen Generation Through Solid Phase Anaerobic Digestion from Organic Solid Waste

Part 5: Micoalgae for Biofuels
12. Algae - A Novel Biomass Feedstock for Biofuels
13. Biofuel from Microalgae: Myth versus Reality

Part 6: Bioremediation Technologies for Petroleum Hydrocarbons, PAHs and Xenobiotics
14. Biodegradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Contaminated Soils
15. Bioremediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)
16. The Role of Biological Control in the Creation of Bioremediation Technologies

Part 7: Bioremediation of Nuclear Waste
17. Bioremediation of Uranium, Transuranic Waste and Fission Products
18. Uranium Bioremediation: Nanotechnology and Biotechnology Advances

Part 8: Extremophilic Microbes: Role in Environmental Cleanup
19. Going Extreme for Small Solutions to Big Environmental Challenges

Rajesh Arora

Rajesh Arora is at the Research and Development Organization, Delhi.