Cultural Tourism

April 2013
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    10th April 2013
  • ISBN 9781845939236
  • Language English
  • Pages 260 pp.
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With contributions from international experts, this book provides a broad discussion of cultural tourism as a concept and the way it is implemented in diverse regions around the world. It addresses the notion of cultural tourism and what it means to tourism as an industry, and also explores types of cultural tourism offered to tourists and experienced by them. Many international case studies will be included on specific instances of cultural tourism, and current topics like cultural tourism's relationship to sustainability are discussed.

Part A. Concepts of Culture within the Tourism Heritage Sector
1. Introduction To Cultural Tourism Philosophy And Management
2. Managing Heritage And Cultural Tourism Resources
3. Islamic Culture And Heritage

Part B Management Models Of Cultural Tourism
4. Virtual Cultural Tourism
5. The Impact Of Cultural Tourism On Host Communities
6. Cultural Tourism: Global And Local Perspectives
7. Re-Inventing British Culture: Multi-Culturalism And Travel
8. Rural Tourism
9. Cultural Sites And Their Management

Part C International Cultural Tourism: Management, Implications And Cases
10. Case Study 1: Irish Cultural Tourism - Case Study of Policy Development
11. Case Study 2: Gardens And Historic Houses
12. Case Study 3: Archaeology / Culture And Tourism (Ireland / USA)
13. Case Study 4: Urban Generation And Culture Maltese Example
14. Case Study 5: Cultural Tourism And Sacred Sites In India
15. Case Study 6: Rediscovering Portuguese Culture In C21st Travel
16. Case Study 7: Beyond The Cultural Cringe: New Australian Experiences And Tourism
17. Case Study 8: Irish Diaspora: In Search Of The Authentic Ireland In Irish Enclaves

Razaq Raj, PhD

Dr. Razaq Raj is Principal Lecturer in the Leeds Business School. His research interests include community events, outdoor events, economic impacts, religious tourism, cultural festivals and sustainable tourism, cultural diversity in events management and international tourism. Dr. Raj is the author of the textbooks Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Management: An International Perspective, Event Management: An integrated and practical approach and Event Management and Sustainability. He is also a board member of international journals and academic associations. Editor of International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage; International Journal of Islands Research; and International Journal of Islamic Tourism. Series Editor, CABI Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Book Series.

Nigel D. Morpeth

Nigel D. Morpeth (BA, MSc, PhD, PGCHE) is currently is a senior lecturer in Tourism Management, School of Events Tourism and Hospitality, at Leeds Beckett University, UK. He started his academic career in 1989, after working for three UK local authorities within the field of community-based leisure provision, and has also taught at the University of Lincolnshire and was Visiting Scholar at Southern Cross University, New South Wales, Australia. He has published widely in books and journals and has jointly edited two tourism books with CABI. His current research projects and interests are in community and sustainability initiatives and the visual arts and tourism planning and development as well as in pilgrimage and tourism.

Kevin A. Griffin, PhD

Dr. Kevin Griffin, MA, PhD. Having studied teaching then tourism organization and historic settlement, I worked in a number of Geography Departments in the Dublin / Kildare area. Since 2001 I have worked at the DIT where I am actively involved in teaching and researching a broad range of tourism topics with particular specialism in both heritage and sustainable tourism. Editor in Chief, International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage, International Journal of Tour Guiding Research, and International Journal of Islands Research. Series Editor, CABI Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Book Series. My main areas of academic interest include: Tourism and Sustainability / Environmental Issues, Heritage Tourism, Religious Tourism / Pilgrimage, Social Tourism, Teaching Methodologies and Tourism Local History / Heritage.