Productivity Growth in Agriculture

An International Perspective

October 2012
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    25th October 2012
  • ISBN 9781845939212
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Increasing food prices have renewed concerns about long-term agricultural demand and supply in the global economy. This book looks at results, methods, and data on international agricultural productivity for a better understanding of long-run trends and the policies that determine them. By presenting an international assessment of total factor productivity growth in agriculture, including up-to-date empirical analysis for developed and developing countries and regions, it provides a response to the rising global scarcity of agricultural production. Essential reading for researchers, policy makers and students.

1. Introduction to Productivity Growth in Agriculture

Part I: Agricultural Productivity in Developed and Transition Countries
2. Accounting for the Impact of Local Public Goods in U.S. Agricultural Productivity Growth
3. A Production Account for Canadian Agriculture, 1961-2006
4. Measuring Productivity of the Australian Broadacre and Dairy Industries
5. Agricultural Productivity in the Transition Economies of the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
6. Is Agricultural Productivity Growth Slowing in Western Europe?

Part II: Agricultural Productivity in Asia and Latin America
7. Total Factor Productivity in Brazilian Agriculture
8. Chinese Regional Agricultural Productivity: 1994-2005
9. Structural Transformation and Productivity in Indian Agriculture
10. Shifting Sources of Agricultural Growth in Indonesia: A Regional Analysis
11. Total Factor Productivity in Thai Agriculture: Measurement and Determinants

Part III: Agricultural Productivity in Africa
12. R&D and Agricultural Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa
13. Policy Changes and the Recovery of Agricultural Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa
14. South African Agricultural Productivity and Investment Patterns

Part IV: Global Perspectives on Agricultural Productivity
15. Fixed Capital in Agriculture and its Contribution to Growth
16. Productivity Growth in the Global Agricultural Economy and the Role of Technology Capital

Keith O. Fuglie

Keith O. Fuglie was formerly at Oregon State University, USA.

V. Eldon Ball

V. Eldon Ball works at the USDA.

Sun Ling Wang

Sun Ling Wang is at the USDA.