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Plant Sciences Reviews 2010

Edited by David Hemming
August 2011
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  • Published
    16th August 2011
  • ISBN 9781845938789
  • Language English
  • Pages 304 pp.
  • Size 8.25" x 11.75"
  • Images 20 illus

Plant Sciences Reviews 2010 provides scientists and students in the field with timely analysis on key topics in current research. Originally published online in CAB Reviews, this volume makes available in printed form the reviews in plant sciences published during 2010.

1. The potential for modifying plant volatile composition to enhance resistance to arthropod pests
2. Intragenic vectors for plant transformation within gene pools
3. The potential for C4 rice
4. Improvement of black pepper
5. Flowering time control in annual legumes: prospects in a changing global climate
6. Comparison of antimicrobial treatments for citrus juices
7. Whole genome marker-assisted selection
8. Costs and benefits of induced resistance to herbivores and pathogens in plants
9. Managing salts while irrigating with wastewater
10. A review of research on forest-related environmental markets (including certification schemes, bioenergy, carbon markets and other ecosystem services)
11. Bt plants and effects on soil micro-organisms
12. Assessing biosafety of GM plants containing lectins
13. Rice hoja blanca: a complex plant-virus-vector pathosystem
14. Plants as reservoirs for human enteric pathogens
15. Prediction of plant diseases through modelling and monitoring airborne pathogen dispersal
16. Assessing risk across the spectrum of weed management
17. Natural antimicrobials for food processing
18. Molecular communication between plant pollen and pistils
19. Agricultural residues and energy crops as potentially economical and novel substrates for microbial production of butanol (a biofuel)
20. Plants and oomycetes, an intimate relationship: co-evolutionary principles and impact on agricultural practice
21. Risk assessment of toxic contaminants in animal feed

David Hemming

David Hemming is at CABI, UK.