Goat Meat Production and Quality

March 2012
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    1st March 2012
  • ISBN 9781845938499
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Goat meat is a valuable source of cheap protein, making goats the ideal sustainable meat for low-income populations. Other benefits of goat meat, such as its low fat content and green credentials, are also becoming more recognized around the world, thought the goat meat industry is still surpassed by that cattle, sheep and pigs.

Written by some of the world's leading goat meat scientists, and drawing from the most recent publications in the field, this book comprehensively covers the most important areas of goat meat production. Chapters discuss the role of genetics, breeding, reproduction, and nutrition in producing good quality, profitable goat meat. The role of genetics, breeding, reproduction and nutrition in producing good quality, profitable goat meat are all discussed in detail. The mineral, amino acid and fatty acid composition of goat meat is also addressed, along with a discussion of its nutritive value, aimed at highlighting its health benefits over other red meats. Essential reading for students and researchers in animal science and production, this book is also a useful resource for goat meat producers and breeders.

1. Overview of the Global Goat Meat Sector
2. Goat Meat Production Systems
3. Carcass Traits of Hardy Tropical Goats
4. Genetics and Breeding of Meat Goats
5. Reproductive Efficiency for Increased Meat Production in Goats
6. Nutrition of the Meat Goat
7. Growth, Development and Growth Manipulation in Goats
8. The Role of Objective and Subjective Evaluation in the Production and Marketing of Goats for Meat
9. Tissue Distribution in the Goat Carcass
10. Influences of Diets on Fatty Acid Composition of Edible Tissues of Meat Goat
11. Mineral Composition of Goat Meat
12. Linear Body Measurements and Carcass Characteristics of Goats
13. Nutritive Value and Quality Characteristics of Goat Meat
14. Effect of Early Nutrition on Carcass and Meat Quality of Young Goats Under Milk Production Systems
15. Effects of Feeding System and Diet on the Body Lipid Composition of Young Goats

Osman Mahgoub

Osman Mahgoub teaches at the Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.

Isam T. Kadim

Isam T. Kadim teaches at the Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.

Edward Webb

Edward Webb teaches at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.