African Seed Enterprises

Sowing the Seeds of Food Security

August 2011
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    16th August 2011
  • ISBN 9781845938437
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In most developing countries, good quality seed is hard to obtain and farmers struggle to save seed from one year to the next. In many areas, farmers have come to rely on seed enterprises that multiply, store and distribute seed. African Seed Enterprises takes a people-centered look at the companies, public agencies and family farms that are taking on this role and making a difference to food security across Africa. Case studies are arranged by country, and each chapter includes a profile of the agricultural and policy environment that surrounds these enterprises and affects their development. Each case is unique and presents its own set of lessons, and, as a whole, this wide range of experiences is a rich source of data and ideas for future enterprise, offering valuable insights for policy makers, academics and non-governmental organizations throughout the world.

Co-published with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and AfricaRice

"This is a thorough, well-designed book. I found it fascinating and difficult to put down. It is highly relevant to overcoming barriers to new variety introduction in Africa - and hence food security - and is relevant to development more broadly."

Richard Ellis - , Journal of Experimental Agriculture

1. Introduction: A full granary
2. How seed works
3. Cameroon: Revolving funds make a difference
4. Nigeria: Clustered seed companies
5. Mali: When government gives entrepreneurs room to grow
6. Guinea: Networks that work
7. The Gambia: Capturing the media
8. Morocco: The visible hand
9. Kenya: A company, a cooperative and a family
10. Uganda: Dreams of starting a company
11. Madagascar: coping with relief aid and politics
12. Conclusions

Paul Van Mele

Paul Van Mele is with Agro-Insight, Belgium.

Jeffery W. Bently

Jeffery W. Bently is an agricultural anthropologist, Bolivia.

Robert G. Guéi

Robert G. Guéi is at FAO, Rome, Italy.