Food Security in Africa and Asia

Strategies for Small-scale Agricultural Development

August 2011
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    16th August 2011
  • ISBN 9781845938413
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Authored by an experienced agriculturalist with substantial field experience in developing countries, this book adds to the literature on food security by proposing practical measures for improving plant-based food security in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Covering issues affecting food security, the book discusses ways of measuring farmers' resources, strategies for action, and an analysis of the challenges and problems faced, concluding with a discussion of ways in which stakeholders could work better together.

"The greatest treasure of this book consists in its short, concise chapters with a narrow focus dealing with the problems of food security—no long or elaborate introduction or super-extensive review of available literature. As each chapter has been linked to each other, it is easy to understand in a step by step fashion. This book also has a simple style, and is short, yet comprehensive, with the necessary information, avoiding monotony, repetition and excessive examples. This book is a good guideline source for scientists, researchers, policy makers, consultants, farmers, and agriculturists in the AFR and SA regions. It is a good source of information for students in the fields of agriculture, communication and social sciences. To the best of our knowledge this book is the first of its kind to raise the issue of food security for SA and AFR regions and suggest solutions based on small scale agricultural development."

Aakash Goyal and M. Asif, University of Alberta - , Agriculture and Human Values


1. Defining the Food Security Problem
2. Evaluating the Resources of Small-scale and Subsistence Farmers
3. Alternative Approaches Examined
4. The Need for a Participatory Approach
5. Researching the Situation to Define Strategies
6. Challenges Presented by Natural and Man-made Factors
7. The Competition for Resources for Food Production
8. Monitoring Intervention Strategies in Different Farming Systems
9. Small-scale and Subsistence Farmers' Households and Selected Farming Systems
10. Liaison of International, National and Local Agencies


Henk Bakker

Henk Bakker is Former Agricultural Consultant and Manager in projects world-wide, currently based in UK.