Farm Business Management Series Series

Farm Business Management

Analysis of Farming Systems

November 2011
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    1st November 2011
  • ISBN 9781845938390
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  • Pages 464 pp.
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The third and final installment of Peter Nuthall's Farm Business Management series, this volume teaches the practical skills needed to manage a farm, such as risk analysis, budgeting, cost benefit analysis and much more. The key characteristic of this book is its ability to simplify the complex subject of business management into a clear, accessible volume tailored to the topic of farming, by using engaging techniques such as worked examples to fully explain the complex decision making tools necessary for this discipline.

"In sum, the aim of this book is to provide researchers, students, consultants and some farmers with the intellectual wherewithal to ‘conduct positive studies of improving farm systems’. These aims are well met. Readers will discover that the more they use this volume, and the companion volumes of Farm Business Management, the better their work will be."

Bill Malcolm, University of Melbourne, Australia - , European Review of Agricultural Economics

1. Introduction
2. The Environment Under Which Farming Systems Exist
3. Decisions Under Non-certainty - Probability, Methods and Models
4. Cost-Benefit Analysis - Recognizing Input-Output Timing
5. More on Decision Making and Utility (Objectives)
6. Farm Surveys - Uses, Procedures and Methods
7. Improving Farming Systems Using Survey Data; and Information Systems
8. Constructing Improved Systems
9. Methods and Models of Income Variability Reducing Techniques
10. Budgeting - The Simplest Form of Farm Systems Analysis
11. Linear Programming - The Farm Model and Finding an Optimal Solution
12. Linear Programming - Using the Solution and Creating Realistic Farm Models
13. Dynamic Programming
14. Systems Simulation
15. The Structure and Analysis of Specific Part-farm Problems
16. Concluding Comments - Review and Summary

Appendix 1: A Synopsis of Production Economics
Appendix 2: Example of the output from an Individual Farm 'End of Year' Analysis
Appendix 3: Solving Linear Programming Problems
Appendix 4: An Example of a Schematic LP Matrix for a Simple Lamb-Producing Farm

Peter L. Nuthall

Peter L. Nuthall has spent many years teaching and researching aspects of farm management. In addition he has developed and managed a team involved in producing and supporting computer aided management systems used by large numbers of farmers. While most of his time has been at Lincoln University in Canterbury, New Zealand, he has also researched and/or taught at the University of Queensland, Purdue University (Indiana), the University of Kent, and the University of Edinburgh. He has also worked for the UK Meat Marketing Board while based at the University of Nottingham (Sutton Bonnington). Many institutions involved in researching and teaching farm management have been visited to gather ideas in both the developed and developing world. He also has experience of agriculture in a diverse range of situations including Russia, India, Fiji, Australia, NZ, USA and the UK. Nuthall has published widely in scientific journals throughout the world, and in monographs as well as having many research results taken up by the popular farming press.