CABI Plant Protection Series Series 1

Disease Resistance in Wheat

Edited by Indu Sharma
June 2012
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    18th June 2012
  • ISBN 9781845938185
  • Language English
  • Pages 336 pp.
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Disease resistance is one of the major factors that can be improved to sustain yield potential in cultivated crops. This book looks at disease resistance in wheat, concentrating on all the economically important diseases — their economic impact and geographical spread, breeding for resistance, pathogen variability, resistance mechanisms and recent advances made on resistance genes. Newer strategies for identifying resistance genes and identify resistance mechanisms are discussed, including cloning, gene transfer and the use of genetically modified plants.

"In general, this is an excellent overview of the current literature, molecular and conventional breeding tools to breed wheat cultivars with better and improved resistance. The book is presented in a logical format making it suitable for a wide range of readers, including breeders, pathologists, agronomists, policy makers, farmers and graduate and undergraduate students engaged in the field of plant protection. In my opinion, it is a worthwhile addition to one's bookshelf."

Muhammad Asif - , Journal of Experimental Agriculture

1. Diseases in wheat crop - An introduction
2. Stem rusts
3. Stripe rust
4. Leaf Rust
5. Powdery Mildew
6. Fusarium head scab
7. Common Bunt
8. Flag Smut and Hill Bunt
9. Foliar Blight
10. Kamal Bunt
11. Loose Smut
12. Tan Spot
13. Septoria
14. Nematodes
15. Viruses and viroids

Indu Sharma

Indu Sharma is at Punjab Agricultural University, India.