Controversies in Tourism

March 2012
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    1st March 2012
  • ISBN 9781845938130
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  • Pages 280 pp.
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Tourism impacts on locations in many ways--socially, environmentally, culturally, and economically. This book examines some well established controversies in tourism and some newly emerging controversial aspects associated with tourism as an activity and a business. Controversies involving clashes between visitors and host communities, the rights and wrongs of ecotourism, the impacts of mega-events, the legitimacy of dark tourism, and the costs and benefits of medical and wildlife tourism are assessed. This book is an interesting and thought provoking work ideal for tourism students, researchers and academics.

1. Of Ethics, Leisure and Tourism: the 'Serious Fun of Doing Tourism'
2. Approaches of Various Groups to a Common Tourism Policy of the European Union from a Historical Perspective
3. Authenticity and Commodification: the Selling of Mayan Culture in Mexico's Mayan Riviera
4. Authenticity versus Development: Tourism to the Hill Tribes of Thailand
5. Controversies in Medical Tourism
6. Ethical Issues in Trophy Hunting
7. Ecotourism: a Maturing Discourse with Established Controversy
8. Ethnic Panopticon: a Controversy in Aboriginal Tourism
9. Gaming in the USA: Historical Development, Controversies and Current Status
10. Golf Tourism: the Case of Cyprus
11. Residential Tourism or Lifestyle Migration: Social Problems Linked to the non-Definition of the Situation
12. Surrealist Pilgrims, Melting Clocks in Marble Halls: Dark Tourism for a Post-Modern World
13. The Golden Jubilee of Independence and Panafest in Ghana: "All that Glitters is Not Gold"
14. The Ideological Role of Intergovernmental Organizations on the Promotion of International Tourism
15. The Paradoxes of Tourism Encounters in the Mass Tourism Spaces of The Gambia
16. Tourism or Conservation? a Controversy in Chitwan National Park, Nepal
17. Volunteer Tourism: Commodified Trend or New Phenomena

Omar Moufakkir

Omar Moufakkir is with Group Sup de Co La Rochelle, France.

Peter M. Burns

Peter M. Burns teaches at the University of Brighton.