Bacteria and Fungi from Fish and Other Aquatic Animals Edition 2

A Practical Identification Manual

April 2015
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    1st April 2015
  • ISBN 9781845938055
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  • Pages 904 pp.
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This practical book provides an updated resource for the identification of bacteria found in animals inhabiting the aquatic environment, illustrated with colour photos. It contains expanded biochemical identification tables to include newly identified pathogenic and saprophytic bacteria, molecular identification tests now available for a greater number of aquatic bacterial pathogens, more information on the pathogenesis and virulence of each organism and new coverage of traditional and molecular identification of fungal pathogens and quality assurance standards for laboratories.

1. Aquatic Animal Species and Organism Relationship
2. Bacteriological Culture Techniques: Microscopy, Culture and Identification
3. Biochemical Identification Tables
4. Technical Methods
5. Fungi , Yeasts and Oomycetes from Fish and Other Aquatic Organisms
6. Techniques for the Molecular Identification of Bacteria
7. Preparation of Media for Culture and Identification
8. Further and Other Information Sources

Common name, Scientific Name
Glossary of terms


Nicky B. Buller

Nicky B. Buller is a Senior Microbiologist and Group Leader, Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia.