Amino Acids in Human Nutrition and Health

Edited by J. P. F. D'Mello
March 2012
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    1st March 2012
  • ISBN 9781845937980
  • Language English
  • Pages 584 pp.
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Human health issues relating to amino acids are extremely broad and include metabolic disorders of amino acid metabolism as well as their presence in food and use as supplements. This book covers the biochemistry of amino acid metabolism in the context of health and disease. It discusses their use as food supplements, in clinical therapy and nutritional support and focuses on major recent developments, highlighting new areas of research that will be needed to sustain further interest in the field.

1. Glutamate Dehydrogenase
2. Aminotransferases
3. Arginase
4. Bypassing the Endothelial L-Arginine-Nitric-Oxide Pathway: Effects of Dietary Nitrite and Nitrate on Cardiovascular Function
5. Histidine Decarboxylase
6. Glutamate Decarboxylase
7. Glutaminase
8. D-Serine and Serine Racemase in Retina
9. Tryptophan Hydroxylase
10. Methionine Metabolism

11. Amino Acid Transport Across Each Side of the Blood-Brain Barrier
12. Inter-Organ Fluxes of Amino Acids
13. Cellular Adaptation to Amino Acid Availability: Mechanisms Involved in the Regulation of Gene Expression

14. Endogenous Amino Acids at the Terminal Ileum of the Adult Human
15. Metabolic Availability of Amino Acids in Food Proteins: New Methodology
16. Amino Acid Requirements: Quantitative Estimates
17. Amino Acid Supplements and Muscular Performance
18. Amino Acids in Clinical and Nutritional Support: Glutamine in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
19. Adverse Effects
20. The Umami Taste of Glutamate

21. Homocysteine Status: Factors Affecting and Health Risks
22. Modified Amino Acid-Based Molecules: Accumulation and Health Implications
23. Phenylketonuria: Newborn Identification Through to Adulthood
24. Principles of Rapid Tryptophan Depletion and its use in Research on Neuropsychiatric Disorders
25. Excitatory Amino Acids in Neurological and Neurodegenerative Disorders
26. Efficacy of L-DOPA Therapy in Parkinson's Disease
27. Amino Acid Profiles for Diagnostic Applications

28. Emergence of a New Momentum

J. P. F. D'Mello

J.P.F. D’Mello is a double graduate of the University of Nottingham, obtaining a BSc Honors in 1964 and a PhD in 1967, both in the Department of Applied Biochemistry. He began work at the Edinburgh School of Agriculture in 1968, lecturing to students and commencing research with grants from the Agricultural Research Council, Tropical Products Institute (ODA), BP and ICI. He has supervised a number of Honors, MSc and PhD students during his years at Edinburgh, published extensively in refereed journals, and took charge of the Environmental Protection and Management degree course for four years until retirement. Since retiring, he has edited 5 books for CABI, with A Handbook of Environmental Toxicology: Human Disorders and Ecotoxicology published in December 2019 and the authored text Introduction to Environmental Toxicology publishing in late 2020.