The Genetics of the Pig Edition 2

March 2011
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    15th March 2011
  • ISBN 9781845937560
  • Language English
  • Pages 520 pp.
  • Size 6.875" x 9.75"
  • Images tables, line illus & color plates

The understanding of pig genetics and genomics has advanced significantly in recent years, creating fresh insights into biological processes. This comprehensive reference work discusses pig genetics and its integration with livestock management and production technology to improve performance. Fully updated throughout to reflect advances in the subject, this new edition also includes new information on genetic aspects of domestication, color variation, genomics and pig breeds, with contributions from international experts active in the field.

"Highly recommended."

Pieter W. Knap, PIC International Group, Schleswig, Germany - , Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics

Praise for the first edition:
"[R]ecommended highly both to those whose interests are primarily in pigs and those interested in mammals in general."

J. H. Edwards - Journal of Genetics

1. Systematics and Evolution of the Pig
2. Genetic Aspects of Pig Domestication
3. Genetics of Colour Variation
4. Genetics of Morphological Traits and Inherited Disorders
5. Molecular Genetics
6. Immunogenetics
7. Cytogenetics and Physical Chromosome Maps
8. Pig Genomics
9. Genetics of Behaviour
10. Biology and Genetics of Reproduction
11. Transgenics and Modern Reproductive Technologies
12. Developmental Genetics
13. Genetic Resources
14. Genetics of Performance Traits
15. Genetics of Meat and Carcass Traits
16. Approaches to Genetic Improvement of the Pig
17. Pig Breeds (with photos)
18. Standard Genetic Nomenclature for the Pig

Max F. Rothschild

Max F. Rothschild is CF Curtiss Distinguished Professor in Agriculture and Life Sciences and holds the ME Ensminger Chair in International Animal Agriculture at Iowa State University. Since 1993 Rothschild has served as the USDA Pig Genome Mapping Coordinator. In 2007 he was named director of the Center for Integrated Animal Genomics. He is widely recognized as a world leader in the field of pig genetics. He has presented numerous invited papers in over 40 countries and has over 300 refereed publications, 500 other publications and 11 patents. His awards include AAAS fellow, USDA Group Honor Award, ASAS award in Animal Breeding and Genetics and the ASAS International Service award, two R&D100 awards and was named Iowa Inventor of the year in 2002. Rothschild also has been active developing livestock projects in developing countries.

Anatoly Ruvinsky

Anatoly Ruvinsky has worked in several fields of genetics for more than 40 years. He has published more than 100 refereed papers in leading genetic journals and edited eleven books so far. This includes the series of books on mammalian genetics, which is currently going into a second edition. His most recent book, Genetics and Randomness, was published in 2009. He is affiliated with the University of New England, Australia.