Tropical Vegetable Production

January 2011
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    4th January 2011
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Sustainable crop production is vital to ensure that supplies of fresh vegetables and their products are readily available. However, food security still remains a huge problem in areas of the world, including the tropics and sub-tropics, where communities rely solely on subsistence farming to meet their day-to-day food demands. It is evident that food production needs to become more sustainable to ensure economic stability and poverty reduction. With this in mind, Tropical Vegetable Production addresses the problems surrounding vegetable production in developing countries. Divided into two parts, this volume discusses first the principles and practice of tropical vegetable production, from site selection, security and management to seeds, crop preparation and pesticides, and second, provides details of those crops which are of particular importance in developing countries.

Part 1
1. Tropics and Vegetables Defined, Concept of subsistence farming, Small farmer enterprises and The importance of vegetables in the human diet.
2. Choice of Site, Site security, Topography, Soils, Water supply and Irrigation.
3. Modification of environment, Site management, Seed supply, Seed classes and types of vegetable cultivars.
4. Farmers' information, Support, Extension and Research backing.
5. Crop preparations and Crop management.
6. Pest, Pathogen and Pesticide definitions, Integrated Pest Management, Physiological disorders, Organic production, Post-harvest losses and Market opportunities.

Part 2
7. Alliaceae, Onions and related crops
8. Cruciferae, Crucifers
9. Cucurbitaceae, Cucurbits, The vine crops
10. Solanaceae, Tomato and related crops
11. Leguminosae, Beans and related crops as vegetables and pulses
12. Leafy Vegetables
13. Graminae and Cyperaceae
14. Andean Tubers and Roots, Lamiacae and Apiaceae
15. Graminae and Cyperaceae

Appendix 1: Indigenous species
Appendix 2: International research institutes
General Index
Index of Species

Raymond A.T. George

Raymond A.T. George is a Seed Technology Consultant and Vegetable Research Consultant, formerly of FAO, Rome, Italy.