Maternal and Perinatal Health in Developing Countries

July 2012
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    17th July 2012
  • ISBN 9781845937454
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The promotion of maternal health and mortality reduction is of worldwide importance, and constitutes a vital part of the UN Millennium Development Goals. The highest maternal mortality rates are in developing countries, where global and regional initiatives are needed to improve the systems and practices involved in maternal care and medical access. Taking a practical policy approach, this book covers the background and concepts underlying efforts to improve maternal and perinatal mortality, the current global situation and problems that prevent progress. It includes case studies and examples of successful strategies, recommends good practices, and provides a critical analysis of knowledge gaps to inform areas for future research.

"This book is the first of its kind and the need for it has existed for a long time. It will serve as a useful textbook for students of public health who are interested in maternal and perinatal health and mortality."

Judith A. Fortney PhD

1. An introduction to maternal and perinatal health
2. The millennium development goals
3. The politics of progress: the story of maternal mortality
4. The epidemiology of maternal mortality
5. The epidemiology of stillbirths and early neonatal deaths

6. Health systems
7. Financing maternity care
8. Implementing clinical interventions within maternal health programmes
9. Medical conditions in pregnancy: preventing and managing indirect obstetric morbidity
10. Improving the availability of services
11. Geographical access, transport and referral systems
12. Demand for maternity care: beliefs, behavior and social access
13. Empowering the community: BRAC's approach in Bangladesh
14. Quality of care
15. Monitoring and evaluation
16. Addressing maternal health in emergency settings

Julia Hussein

Julia Hussein is Scientific Director, Ipact, and is at the University of Aberdeen, UK.

Affette M. McCaw-Binns

Affette M. McCaw-Binns is at The University of the West Indies at Mona, Jamaica.

Roger Webber

Roger Webber is formerly of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK.